SEO for a New Website Launch

SEO is crucial to the success of a new website. At Loom, we have a meticulous process that has launched many new websites without a glitch over the past 10 years. A new website is a big investment. Work with Loom to make sure your customers see it.


SEO for a new website launch

The way a website is built, structured and what content it includes has a huge impact on its SEO. That’s why when you’re building a new website, it’s important to implement a detailed SEO strategy for the website from the start.

Considering your site’s SEO ahead of its build helps future-proof it’s organic performance post-launch. It gives you the foundations to help your site thrive in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) once your site has been launched. 

At Loom, our SEO experts can help make sure your new website gets off to a flying start.  

What a new website SEO project looks like

An SEO project for a new website looks at the following:

  • Your site’s UX design
  • Your site’s hierarchy & structure
  • Your competition and general market research
  • Search & keyword research
  • Your site’s landing page copy (read more about our website copywriting services) [LINK]
  • The technical aspects of your site, such as site speed and crawl budget

This process is important as web developers don’t tend to consider these things by default. It’s also more difficult to get the same SEO results by doing this work in hindsight. 

That’s why working with an SEO professional on your new website’s SEO strategy ahead of the build is so crucial. It prevents the need to revisit complicated areas of SEO, and instead allows you to focus on growing your brand online.

If you have an existing website, you should also plan how to transfer any search equity it has build up on the new site. 

Improve your new website’s SEO with Loom

At Loom, we’ll take control of your website’s SEO from day one. Our team of SEO experts will advise you on everything from technical SEO to UX (user experience), focusing on the technical requirements needed to make your new website as search engine and user-friendly as possible. 

We’ll work closely with your design and development teams to ensure the website build deeply considers how search engines and users will navigate your site. Our SEO experts will:

  • Offer insight into existing website data to see what can be used/removed in the new website’s build 
  • Work with you to develop a site structure that takes matches user needs and therefore ranks well
  • Offer highly researched and optimised copy (or copy briefs) for all landing pages 
  • Make sure the site is built from a strong technical SEO perspective i.e mobile-first, page speed, clear conversion points 
  • Help manage a smooth transition from the old to the new site to maintain traffic and rankings
  • Aim to maintain and improve website traffic and performance

Considering SEO as part of the planning process for your new website will have a hugely positive impact on your new website’s online visibility. It will also influence the success of any future ongoing SEO strategies you run after your website is live.

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