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LinkedIn is the number one platform for professionals, with over 1 billion users across the globe so getting granular with your targeting matters. LinkedIn targeting is the most forensic of almost all platforms. You can target by company name, size, job title, and qualifications to name a few. LinkedIn Ads help you find and speak directly to to the people who are most important to your business.

From prospecting to retargeting, this powerful B2B platform enables you to reach users at every stage of the funnel – helping nurture leads into conversions.


  • Account-Based Marketing

    Combine the power of LinkedIn’s granular targeting with your account list for powerful results.

  • Lead Generation

    Convert decision-makers seamlessly with integrated lead gen forms and capture data to strengthen your pipeline.

  • Brand Awareness

    Get your brand in front of the people that matter the most to your business with scroll-stopping creative.


EventStoreDB • Lead Gen

LinkedIn Ads drive quality conversions for niche SaaS company

Loom worked with Event Store, the company behind EventStoreDB – an open-source state-transition database for building event-sourced software applications, to boost lead generation, registrations and sign-ups through targeted marketing on LinkedIn.

  • 770%

    increase in clicks year on year

  • 33%

    YoY cost per click reduction

  • 323



LinkedIn Ads are an incredibly powerful tool for reaching high-value decision makers – but they can also be expensive if not used correctly. Our data-driven LinkedIn experts are strategy minded to make the most of your budget and increase your ROAS.

  • 1. Audit & analyse

    We use industry insights, competitor analysis and your own audience data to align our creative strategies with the goals and KPIs of your business.

    Our LinkedIn Ads audit identifies areas where your current ad campaigns are performing well, as well as areas that need improvement. Paired with your own industry insights, we’ll also help identify new audiences to target and ad types to create, expanding your reach and conversion potential.

  • 2. Data-driven strategy & delivery

    Our experts will craft a sophisticated strategy to get your brand in front of the right people and drive the action you want.

    We use advanced targeting techniques to ensure your ads reach your target audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions. We’ll guide our trusted design partners or work with your own in-house team to create captivating visuals that appeal to the right users. Our expert team has a thorough understanding of current best practices. Pair this with our years of experience and scroll-stopping creative, your LinkedIn strategy is sure to be a success.

  • 3. Report & rework

    At Loom, we never sit still and believe that there are always ways to enhance current results. As we report and measure campaign results, we’ll build upon our successes to exceed expectations, each and every time.


  • Is LinkedIn advertising expensive?

    While advertising on LinkedIn can be more expensive compared to some other platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, it offers unique targeting options and access to a highly engaged professional audience. Ultimately, the cost-effectiveness of LinkedIn advertising will depend on how well you target your audience, optimize your campaigns, and achieve your advertising objectives.

  • What are the best types of ads on LinkedIn?

    The effectiveness of LinkedIn ads depends on various factors such as your campaign objectives, target audience, and industry. Our experts will help you determine the best types of ads to use to reach your goals. These can include Sponsored Content, Video Ads, Lead Gen Forms and Sponsored InMail.

  • What types of businesses should advertise on LinkedIn?

    If your business targets professionals and decision-makers, or operates in the B2B space, then LinkedIn is a powerful tool to add to your strategy. Industries such as event planning, education, professional services and recruitment will find it particularly beneficial.

  • Is LinkedIn worthwhile for a B2C company?

    While LinkedIn is primarily known as a platform for professionals and B2B networking, it can still be worthwhile for certain types of B2C companies. Whether LinkedIn is a suitable platform for a B2C company depends on various factors, including the nature of the business, target audience, and marketing objectives.

  • Are LinkedIn Ads worth the investment?

    The effectiveness and ROI of LinkedIn ads depend on factors such as campaign objectives, target audience, ad creative and budget. Many businesses find value in advertising on LinkedIn for lead generation, brand awareness, talent recruitment and thought leadership.

  • How long does it take to see results from LinkedIn Ads?

    The timeline for seeing results from LinkedIn ads varies based on factors such as campaign objectives, targeting, ad format, and industry. Advertisers may start seeing initial results within a few weeks after launching their campaigns.

  • What is the LinkedIn Audience Network?

    The LinkedIn Audience Network allows advertisers to extend their ad reach beyond LinkedIn to third-party websites and apps. Advertisers can reach professionals on trusted publisher sites within the LinkedIn Audience Network. These may include job and recruitment sites and educational platforms.

Tommy Pearson Growth Expert at Loom Digital

Tommy Pearson

Growth & Strategy