Cheltenham College • Lead Gen

Paid media drives record levels of attendees

A prestigious private school looking to utilise Paid Media to boost prospectus downloads, enquiry form submissions and open day attendances

  • 753%

    increase in leads

  • 74%

    decrease in cost per lead

  • 314%

    increase in clicks to the website

Stellar Cookware • eCommerce

Cooking up more traffic & revenue for Stellar Cookware

Loom’s SEO, Content and Paid Media teams used their skills and expertise to improve the revenue, organic visibility and traffic for Stellar Cookware, one of the UK’s leading kitchenware brands.

  • 147%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 102%

    increase in paid traffic

  • 59%

    increase in organic revenue across the campaign

Western Global • Lead Gen

International Paid Media campaigns

Loom has helped Western Global grow their market share in North America with the end goal of increasing both the volume and relevancy of leads acquired in the United States and Canada.

  • 187%

    increase in leads YoY

  • 15%

    increase in absolute top of page rate

  • 5%

    above-average conversion rate

Ignite Energy • Lead Gen

Driving high quality traffic in a niche market

Ignite Energy needed help raising awareness around their service, as well as to generate more leads in a niche B2B industry.

  • 72%

    YoY increase in site sessions

  • 65%

    YoY increase in new users to the site through content pages

  • 400+

    Organic keywords in a niche space

Stage Depot • eCommerce

Supercharging revenue with feed optimisation

Stage Depot needed to take advantage of the industry recovery post pandemic and had their best year as a business before November had even started.

  • 48%

    increase in website traffic

  • 157%

    increase in Google Ads revenue

  • 775%

    ROAS - an increase of 48%!

Infinity Motorcycles • eCommerce

Accelerating online traffic & sales

Even after a decade of working together, we’re still driving huge year-on-year growth through creative, profit-focussed paid media strategies that deliver fantastic results.

  • 1700%

    ROAS on Google Ads

  • 15

    Stores sustained throughout pandemic

  • 142%

    YOY growth 2020-21

Tommy Pearson Growth Expert at Loom Digital

Tommy Pearson

Growth & Strategy