Microsoft Advertising Partner 2024


  • Microsoft Ads is often overlooked by brands, but as the second largest search engine, Microsoft advertising can give brands a competitive advantage in a less competitive space and across a wide network of search platforms.
  • Historically, the cost of Microsoft Search advertising has been significantly lower than  Google. As mentioned above, the reduced levels of competition make clicks significantly cheaper, which means advertisers can drive more website traffic for less money. 
  • As owners of LinkedIn, Microsoft Advertising allows you to target users by a handful of key elements from LinkedIn profiles, including company, industry and job function. This  helps finetune your targeting and better understand who’s engaging with your campaigns, allowing you to optimise and enhance based on the actions users are taking. 
  • Microsoft Ads provides you with the opportunity to serve ads across their syndicated partners, which includes search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, AOL, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia. This is ideal for  expanding your reach and exposing your business to  new impression opportunities.
  • Microsoft’s Multimedia Ads are a unique opportunity to display creative visuals alongside paid search results – a feature that isn’t currently available in Google. Not many brands are using these to their advantage as of yet, making them less competitive and a worthwhile investment.
  • 30+

    Microsoft Ads accounts managed

  • £450k+

    spend managed annually

  • 16k+

    conversions recorded


As a Microsoft Advertising Partner, Loom has been recognised as one of the UK’s most qualified agencies in the industry. We’ve been working on Microsoft Ads for over ten years, and our Paid Media experts are all accredited professionals. This means we have direct access to a team at Microsoft and exclusive industry insights that help us makethe most out of your campaigns.



    Connect with users actively searching for products or services, leading to higher conversion rates and ROI.


    Showcase your products to a wider audience, increase visibility and drive more sales with an optimised campaign.


    Increase brand visibility, drive traffic and boost conversions with attention grabbing display ads.


Western Global • Lead Gen

International Paid Media campaigns

Loom has helped Western Global grow their market share in North America with the end goal of increasing both the volume and relevancy of leads acquired in the United States and Canada.

  • 187%

    increase in leads YoY

  • 15%

    increase in absolute top of page rate

  • 5%

    above-average conversion rate

Ignite Energy • Lead Gen

Driving high quality traffic in a niche market

Ignite Energy needed help raising awareness around their service, as well as to generate more leads in a niche B2B industry.

  • 72%

    YoY increase in site sessions

  • 65%

    YoY increase in new users to the site through content pages

  • 400+

    Organic keywords in a niche space


  • 1. Audit & Research

    We kick off your strategy by reviewing your current campaigns, identifying best performers as well as opportunities for improvement. Alongside this, we’ll immerse ourselves in your industry, getting to know your audience and competitors and drilling into your existing data.

    These insights help us pinpoint user journeys and cater your campaigns, ensuring they resonate.

  • 2. Data-Driven Strategy & Creatives

    Equipped with the data and insights we collected above, we’ll then build a considered, hard-hitting strategy that puts your business front and centre. Combining our advanced targeting techniques with industry knowledge and a thorough understanding of your business, your ads are sure to convert.

    For the creatives, Loom have a network of trusted partners to help create eye-catching visuals. Or, if you already have a design team of your own, we’ll work closely with them to enhance their images and videos that really hit home.

  • 3. Reporting & Optimisation

    The search industry never sits still, so why should we? As new trends appear and industry developments continue to roll out, we’ll revisit and revise campaigns in line with current performance. This ensures that we’re always delivering the results you want to see, exceeding targets and future-proofing your strategy.


  • Do you use the same ads on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads?

    We manage Microsoft Ads accounts proactively, and don’t rely on direct duplication of optimisation from Google Ads. We understand that each platform has its differences and advantages, so we work with each platform independently and creatively in order to get the best results possible for you.

  • Is Microsoft Ads just for B2B businesses?

    No, Microsoft ads can be used for all businesses, such as eCommerce and lead generation. Many professionals do use Microsoft products for work, however, we would recommend Microsoft ads for all types of clients, not just B2B.

  • What types of ads can I run on Microsoft Ads?

    Microsoft supports various ad formats including search, shopping, audience-led, smart campaigns and local ads.

  • How does conversion tracking work in Microsoft Ads?

    Conversion tracking involves placing a Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag on your website to track user actions post-click. This helps measure the effectiveness of your ads in driving desired actions like purchases or sign-ups.

  • Can I use Microsoft Ads for remarketing?

    Yes, Microsoft Ads offers remarketing options that allow you to target users who have previously visited your website or interacted with your ads, helping you re-engage potential customers.

  • What is the Microsoft Audience Network?

    The Microsoft Audience Network allows you to extend your reach with native ads that appear on premium sites, such as MSN andOutlook, using AI to target relevant audiences.

  • What is the minimum budget required for Microsoft Ads?

    There is no minimum budget for Microsoft Ads, but you will need to set a daily or monthly budget for your campaigns. The cost will depend on your bids and competition for chosen keywords.

  • Are Microsoft Ads Bings Ads?

    Yes, Microsoft Advertising was formerly known as Bing Ads. It’s the advertising platform developed by Microsoft, which allows businesses to display ads on Bing, as well as other Microsoft-owned properties.

  • Are Microsoft Ads the same as Google Ads?

    No, Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads are two distinct advertising platforms operated by different companies. While both platforms offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising solutions, they have their own unique features, audience demographics, and ad networks.

  • Where do Microsoft ads appear?

    Microsoft Advertising allows businesses to display ads in various locations across the Microsoft Search Network, which includes Bing and other sites owned by Microsoft. This includes Yahoo, MSN.com, Outlook, Microsoft Edge Browser, Microsoft Audience Network, Skype and Partner Websites.

  • Do Microsoft Ads appear on Yahoo?

    Yes, Microsoft Advertising does include Yahoo as one of its syndicated search partners. This means that ads served through Microsoft have the potential to appear on Yahoo search results pages, expanding the reach of advertisers beyond Bing.

Tommy Pearson Growth Expert at Loom Digital

Tommy Pearson

Growth & Strategy