Amazon is the world’s leading eCommerce website, and Google’s biggest rival when it comes to online shopping. By advertising your products with Amazon, you gain access to a fresh audience that can’t be targeted using regular search engines. 

  • 50% of product searches start on Amazon – not Google or Microsoft. By advertising with Amazon, you can significantly increase your sales by targeting another group of engaged audiences who are actively searching for your products.
  • As an eCommerce-based Search platform, we can leverage keyword/search query data and share it across channels.
  • Logged-in accounts allow you to get a better idea of audience – and leverage Remarketing lists.
  • Offering all levels of the funnel, allows sellers to create brand awareness as well as increase sales volumes.



    Help customers discover your brand and create a custom-branded shopping experience.


    A cost-effective and insight-driven solution for new and established sellers to increase sales.


    Extend your reach beyond Amazon, targeting shoppers on and off the platform and re-engaging lapsed shoppers.


    Strategically target keywords and quickly gain visibility and traction in a competitive marketplace.


  • 1. Audit & Research

    Our Amazon Ads audit identifies areas where your current campaigns are performing well and areas that need improvement. This includes analysing your current spends to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment.

    Through competitor research and drilling into your data, we can help you identify new audiences to target and which ad types to create, expanding your reach and potential for conversions.

  • 2. Data-Driven Strategy & Creatives

    Our expert strategists will create a sophisticated strategy to get your brand in front of the right people and drive the action you want. We use advanced targeting techniques to ensure your ads reach your target audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

    Alongside this, we’ll always ensure that your ad campaigns are in line with current best practices and utilise the platform’s latest features.

  • 3. Reporting & Optimisation

    We believe in continual data-driven improvement. Using tailored reporting to track the data you find most valuable means we can see how well your campaigns are performing. We can also deliver ongoing optimisation to ensure that your ads are always reaching the right audiences and driving the best ROAS.


  • Is Amazon Ads good for new sellers?

    Yes, Amazon Ads can be highly beneficial for new sellers. Leveraging Amazon’s advertising platform can help new sellers gain visibility, drive traffic to their product listings, and increase sales.

  • Do PPC ads on Amazon pay off?

    Amazon PPC ads can be highly effective in driving sales and improving the visibility of your products on the platform.

    By conducting thorough keyword research, optimising your product listings, monitoring performance, and continuously refining your campaigns, you can maximise the ROI from your PPC ad spend.

    Like any advertising effort, success with Amazon PPC ads requires ongoing analysis, optimisation, and strategic adjustments.

  • How long does it take for Amazon PPC to work?

    The time it takes for Amazon PPC campaigns to show results can vary based on several factors, including the competitiveness of your product category, the quality of your product listings, your ad budget, and the effectiveness of your campaign setup.

    Here’s an overview of what to expect:

    1. Initial Setup and Launch (1-2 Weeks)
    2. Optimization Phase (2-6 Weeks)
    3. Results and Scaling (6-12 Weeks)

    Amazon PPC campaigns typically show initial results within the first few weeks, but it can take 6 to 12 weeks to see stable and significant performance improvements.

    The key to success is continuous optimisation, careful monitoring, and adjusting your strategies based on performance data. Patience and strategic management are essential to achieving long-term success with Amazon PPC advertising.

  • What are Amazon Ads?

    Amazon Ads provide a powerful platform for sellers, vendors, and brands to increase product visibility, drive traffic, and boost sales on Amazon.

    By leveraging different ad types and targeting options, advertisers can reach a broad audience, improve product discoverability, and achieve their marketing goals. Whether you’re a new seller or an established brand, Amazon Ads can be integral to your e-commerce advertising strategy.

  • Is Amazon Prime going to have ads?

    Yes, Amazon Prime is expected to have ads. Amazon announced in 2023 that they would be introducing ads to their Prime Video service starting in 2024.

    This move aligns with the trend seen in other streaming services, like Netflix and Disney+, which have also introduced ad-supported tiers.

    For existing Prime members who prefer an ad-free experience, the option to pay a little extra to avoid ads will still be available.

  • Do Amazon Ads work?

    Amazon Ads can be highly effective in driving sales, increasing product visibility, and building brand awareness. Their success is due to the high purchase intent of Amazon users, sophisticated targeting options, and detailed performance analytics.

    To maximise the effectiveness of Amazon Ads, businesses should focus on thorough keyword research, optimised product listings, continuous monitoring, and strategic budget management.

    When executed well, Amazon Ads can provide a significant return on investment and contribute to sustainable business growth.

Tommy Pearson Growth Expert at Loom Digital

Tommy Pearson

Growth & Strategy