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Of TikTok’s millions of users, 1 in 4 can’t be found on any other platform. This means that advertising on TikTok unlocks a whole new audience for your business – and we’re not just talking about Gen Z. Each day, users of all ages open their apps, thumbs poised and ready to engage with the latest content from their favourite creators. With the right strategy, your business can be one of them. 

TikTok is different from other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s designed for engagement, with some of the most popular content consisting of home-style videos that resonate with users. You can integrate TikTok Ads throughout all stages of the sales funnel, showcasing the best of your brand as you take them one step closer to conversion. 

Cost per mile (CPM) is cheaper than Facebook and Google, with businesses from all kinds of industries seeing results. We can help you get creative and see some fantastic results of your own. 


  • Account & campaign set up

    Whatever your objective, our bespoke strategies get your content in front of your most valuable audience.

  • Campaign management

    TikTok trends move fast. To succeed on this video app, you need to be ready to respond, while also ensuring your older content stays relevant to your audience.


    We can work with your in house team, UGC partners, influencers or creative agency to create eye catching and results-driven campaigns.


Patternbank • eCommerce

Pinterest Ads deliver 706% ROAS

When Patternbank teamed up with Loom to expand their customer base, we turned to Pinterest to showcase the client’s stunning pattern collection.

  • £37.5k

    in revenue

  • 1.3 million

    pin engagements

  • 706%



  • 1. Audit & research

    Already advertising on TikTok? Our audit identifies areas where your current campaigns are performing well, as well as areas that need improvement. This includes analysing your current spends to ensure you are getting the best return on investment.

    New to TikTok ads? Through competitor research and drilling into your own data, we can help you identify new audiences to target and which ad types to create, expanding your reach and potential for conversions.

  • 2. Creative direction & strategy

    Our expert strategists will come up with a tailored strategy to get your brand in front of the right people and drive the action you want. As recommended by the platform itself, we’ll start targeting a broad audience before honing in on the right users, who are most likely to respond to your content.

    The best performing adverts on TikTok are authentic creative assets that don’t necessarily look like an advert – think user-generated content (UGC). Research into creatives provides us with trends and insights into what works well, and what doesn’t. Working with our trusted partners or your in-house design team, we’ll dig deep into the data and ensure your creative aligns with user behaviour and TikTok’s best practices.

  • 3. Reporting & optimisation

    As we’ve mentioned, TikTok trends move fast. Luckily,  the app offers robust tracking capabilities through its TikTok Pixel and SDK (Software Development Kit). This allows for comprehensive tracking and performance analysis, meaning there’s plenty of available insights that help us optimise your paid campaigns for the best ROAS. These include:

    • Creative optimisation

    • Audience targeting 

    • Ad placement and formats

    • Bidding and budgeting

    • Keyword optimisation to reduce irrelevant traffic


  • What industries do well on TikTok?

    Thousands of brands across a wide range of niche and mainstream industries successfully use TikTok to reach new audiences every day. According to the platform, some of the top industries that perform well include fashion and beauty, food, entertainment and tourism.

  • Is TikTok just for Gen Z?

    This is one of the common misconceptions about TikTok. Users of all ages use the app, making it a must-have tool for your paid media strategy. In fact, there are currently over 7.5 million users aged 35 and over using TikTok – providing a wealth of opportunities for businesses.

  • Do I need to be posting organically on TikTok too?

    We would always recommend starting off with an organic TikTok strategy before moving on to paid. Once you have built a strong presence with a loyal following, you can then turn to TikTok Ads to boost your reach. ’dark ads’ can still be effective – these are ads run by a brand that doesn’t have a TikTok account.

  • Types of TikTok ads

    TikTok offers various types of ads to help businesses reach and engage with their target audience, such as In-Feed, Branded Hashtag Challenges and Effects, as well as TikTok Shop and Live.

  • Do I need an in-house creative team to make the most of TikTok Ads?

    Content creation is key for TikTok success, but that doesn’t mean you need an in-house creative team to get started. You can hire UGC creators or influencers to help create content, or even hire a creative agency.

  • Do I need to work with influencers?

    No – UGC creators often don’t have a large following. It can be better to hire someone your audience doesn’t recognise, as they are more likely to trust their opinion rather than an influencer who’s paid to say it’s good.

  • How long should my TikTok Ad videos be?

    While TikTok allows videos up to 60 seconds, shorter videos (15-30 seconds) tend to perform better as they maintain viewer attention more effectively.

  • What are some best practices for creating TikTok Ads?

    Some of the best practices for creating a successful TikTok Ad strategy include creating engaging content that’s short, sweet and has clear CTAs. Leverage current trends and popular challenges to help increase engagement, and make sure to continuously A/B test your ads and monitor how users respond.

  • How much do TikTok Ads cost?

    The cost of TikTok ads can vary widely depending on your objectives, targeting, ad format, and competition. TikTok uses a bidding system where you set a maximum bid for your ad placements. The minimum campaign budget typically starts around £50 per day.

  • What targeting options are available on TikTok?

    TikTok allows you to target specific audiences based on demographics, interests and user behaviour. You can also create custom audiences and lookalike audiences – users similar to those who are already engaging with your ads.

  • What does a TikTok agency do?

    A TikTok agency specialises in providing expertise and services related to advertising and marketing on the TikTok platform. If you’d like to make the most of the social app, but do not have enough time or resources, or feel that your current strategies need a refresh, then a TikTok agency can help you navigate the complexities of the platform and achieve your marketing goals.

Tommy Pearson Growth Expert at Loom Digital

Tommy Pearson

Growth & Strategy