Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Grow your website’s traffic, increase sales & leads, and improve your user’s online experience with SEO from an agency with over a decade of experience.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of matching your website to what your users are looking for. As a result of this, you get better visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) as well as better meeting user needs.

The process ensures that search engines like Google and Bing return content on your website for relevant search queries. Through a combination of bespoke SEO strategy, content creation, technical website fixes, and ethical link building or link earning, SEO can transform your business’s website performance for the long term.

What we do as part of an SEO project

While our SEO strategies are tailored for each business, we have a robust process that has been developed and refined over the past decade.

First, we research the market and your customers. What are they looking for online? What questions are they asking? How can your site answer those questions? Then, we build the foundations so that your website meets your user’s needs.

We optimise the site for relevant terms and questions uncovered in the research phase, including changes to key ranking factors on a page such as metadata content and header tags. Then we ensure your site is technically healthy and provides a seamless user experience journey for visitors.

Lastly, we move into ongoing optimisation. This ensures your site remains optimised as it grows and evolves.

Take a look at our various SEO services:

  • SEO for new websites

    Take control of your website’s SEO from day one with a detailed SEO strategy for your new website.

  • Website Backlinks

    Try Loom’s market-leading approach to SEO and attract backlinks naturally and safely. Market-leading content & online PR to earn powerful backlinks.

  • Local SEO
    Local SEO

    If you run a local business, then local SEO is an essential part of your digital marketing. Loom manages your local optimisation strategy to improve your visibility.

  • Strategy
    SEO Strategy

    We craft bespoke SEO strategies for new and existing websites that drive results that matter to your business.

  • Technical SEO
    Technical SEO

    Make sure your website is as technically healthy as it possibly can be. Find out about the technical SEO services we offer at Loom.

Your experienced SEO agency in Bristol

At Loom, we offer unrivalled SEO services in Bristol. Unlike many other SEO companies, we have over 10 years’ experience, dating back from when we started out as a search agency in 2009. That means we’ve grown up with SEO, watching it transform from what it was a decade ago to truly understanding the art that it’s become today.

The combination of our specialist SEO knowledge and how we integrate SEO within our overall digital marketing strategy is what sets us apart. Our specialist Bristol-based team work creatively and strategically with you to ensure your website’s organic traffic improves and converts in the way you need it to.

SEO services in Bristol you can trust

We align our work very closely with Google’s SEO recommendations, meaning we’re always up to date with best practice SEO. This future-proofs your website’s success and extends the overall benefits of SEO.

How SEO can help your business

We’re often asked how SEO helps businesses grow. At Loom we believe SEO is a marketing strategy that unlocks long-term business growth.

By improving your search engine visibility for relevant search terms, you’ll start to see more high quality, organic traffic to your website. As this traffic comes from organic rankings, you won’t need to rely on advertising costs in order to maintain it, making SEO a sustainable and cost-effectively to achieve online visibility.

This wider visibility helps increase brand awareness, in turn generating more sales and leads. So, for businesses looking for sustained growth, a well-executed SEO strategy is crucial for creating a sustainable and purposeful online presence.

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SEO as part of Integrated Digital Marketing

At Loom, we’ve learned that truly thriving online requires a mix of different channels working together. Nowadays, web users interact with a wide range of online touchpoints. To really flourish online, you need to focus on channels holistically. 

That’s why when we work on an SEO project we leverage data from other channels to enhance our SEO work. 

For example, we’ll often use data from PPC campaigns to inform our SEO strategies and vice versa. Our content creation will tie in heavily with our SEO strategies, and social media data will inform our content.  

There are a hundred different ways we use different channels together. That’s why using SEO as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy can be far more effective than focusing on just one channel. Learn more about our integrated marketing digital marketing service below.

Integrated Digital Marketing transforms businesses

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