Stellar Cookware Case Study
  • 147%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 102%

    increase in paid traffic

  • 59%

    increase in organic revenue across the campaign

  • 147%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 102%

    increase in paid traffic

  • 59%

    increase in organic revenue across the campaign

Loom’s strategy
As an agency, our starting point is always to immerse ourselves in the brand. This means we have a great foundational understanding of their current activities and focus, and anything we propose is sympathetic to their style and tone of voice. Once we were familiar with Stellar, we were ready to start work improving their organic and paid traffic.


The Loom SEO team conducted a technical and Core Web Vitals audit on the website. This allowed us to identify and solve issues that were hurting the site’s performance and search visibility. Fixing these meant we could also ensure the site was in a position where any further changes would have the desired impact – essential for the next stage of the strategy.

To compete with the high volume of competing cookware sites and products, we knew we needed to take a systematic approach to achieve organic visibility and secure high rankings for keywords.

We began with thorough keyword research across the brand, categories and subcategories to find and sort the keywords we wanted to target. Once we’d found our keywords and identified the pages that would deliver the most value from the improved traffic and rankings we’d be able to achieve, our Content team set to work!

They started working through the pages that would offer the greatest benefits to Stellar – improving rankings on key items and ranges and increasing traffic that would bring more revenue. The incredible results that the SEO and Content teams were able to achieve for Stellar’s site performance can be seen in the organic results below.


The Loom PPC team began by assessing the performance of Horwood’s paid media. The first step was to audit their paid accounts to understand their existing strategies and create a strategy moving forward.

The team started by doing a full audit of the accounts to identify inefficiencies and missed opportunities in the current ads set-up.

One thing that immediately stood out was the shopping feed. It needed optimising in order to compete with strong reseller activity. Understanding the quality of the feed is the top priority for e-commerce clients, and the team undertook a full feed audit.

By improving titles, adding missing attributes and ensuring relevant keywords were present in listings, our paid media Loomies were able to improve the overall feed rank, leading to the listing winning further impressions and improving positions in the search listings.

During their initial assessment, the team found there were clear opportunities in a full search restructure. Ad copy was rewritten to ensure users saw the most enticing ads and high-value, low-cost keywords were found, with more budget put aside to target these high-potential terms.

To round off Horwood’s paid media, a new social strategy was created. The team opted for a full-funnel approach to lead users from their first interaction through to purchase. This involved analysing previous audience performance and interaction and finding opportunities within the targeting and messaging that would support Horwood Homewares’ brand awareness and community engagement while improving revenue generation.

The results

Stellar has been delighted with the results of this campaign across organic and paid channels. Our work has contributed to a huge increase in targeted metrics – resulting in a 55% increase in revenue year on year. For a retail business, this is a key result, but Stellar has seen key improvements across all its metrics.

Paid and organic traffic has seen a consistent increase month on month since the campaign started. Both paid and organic channels have seen more than double the traffic compared to the same period last year. When comparing the traffic from August 22 to Jan 23 and August 23 to Jan 24 – the period when tracking was set up in Analytics – there is a 147% increase in organic traffic. This is a good sign for the long-term success of the site. A steady increase in traffic is a positive SEO signal showing stability and sustained performance.

Stellar’s organic visibility has improved hugely across the SERPs. They are now holding top positions for key terms around premium cookware, which are key for their audience. They also hold top rankings for high-traffic terms, with search results ranking in first position and with images for a fully optimised search listing.

From a paid perspective, once the optimised feeds created by Loom were utilised, the share of revenue generated by shopping listings increased to 40% across all channels. In addition, Stellar ads now dominate brand searches on shopping listings and search, despite high competition from resellers.

Stellar is very pleased with the value Loom was able to add to their site, and we’re thrilled with what we’ve been able to deliver.

In a competitive homeware market, finding a strategy that would maximise success had challenges as we were up against large online retailers. The success of the campaign can be shown with the results not just from niche keyword rankings but top volume keywords and the volume of them.

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