2022 has certainly been an interesting year so far, but here at Loom we’ve had another great year helping our clients improve their online presence. In fact, we’re actually helping more businesses than ever before, with an amazing 11 clients joining us this year alone!

As this week marks Loom’s 13th birthday, we’re taking a look back over the previous year to see the progress we’ve made, reflect on changes in the industry and thank both our clients and amazing team for all they’ve done during this past year.

We began working with 11 new clients

Since January, we’ve taken on 11 new clients, crafting a variety of integrated digital marketing strategies that bolster their online traffic and conversions.

We’ve welcomed LITELOK and Summer Boarding Courses as well as new clients from a variety of industries, including home construction and education consultancy.

We welcomed new Loomies to the team

We’ve started our thirteenth year with a swing . So far we’ve had three new additions to our team – Dan, Marco and Jack.

And it’s not just new team members we’re celebrating. This year saw some big Loom birthdays, too. Tom celebrated his nine-year Loomiversary, Claire her sixth, and Vicky and Tommy both celebrated their fifth.

We also welcomed back both Claire and Vicky from maternity leave – we’ve loved meeting little Margot and Jasper.

Our team is the cornerstone of what we do, and we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have without them. To show them this, we introduced new employee services this year, so that our team feels appreciated and gets to take the time to reflect on their own progress.

Encouraging peer-to-peer appreciation

One new initiative that we’ve introduced this year is the Loom Thank You Pot. This means that everyone has a budget to send a gift to another Loomie, to say thanks for going above and beyond. We’ve collated a number of gifts from independent Bristol stores for people to choose from. This pot refreshes every three months, so our team gets to receive little surprises through their letterbox as a thank you for working hard for our clients.

Introducing MoreHappi

We’re proud to offer all of our team a professional coaching service. This year, we partnered with MoreHappi, who offer one-to-one coaching sessions that our team can book whenever they’d like. By taking the time to step back and reflect on their careers, themselves or their relationships, each Loomie can find their purpose and excel in a career that they control.

“Partnering with MoreHappi has given us another layer of support and has been a really empowering experience. It’s great to have future-facing conversations and has already had a positive impact both professionally and personally. I always leave sessions feeling inspired, confident and overall, more happy!”

Vicky Hockley

Loom’s summer getaway

For this year’s summer getaway, we packed up and headed to Woolacombe for some sand and sunshine. We were treated to gorgeous weather and surfed the waves, played beach games and finished the day by eating delicious food.

We enjoyed a relaxing time away in a beautiful setting, bonding as a team while developing our surfing skills. While we didn’t come away completely unscathed (multiple sunburns and a seagull ice cream attack!), it was amazing to have all the team together, meet our newest members, and spend some time in the sun.

The rollout of Project Stitch 2.0

Last year we introduced Project Stitch, with which we moved to a flat structure, introduced mentors and personal development support and rolled out a pod structure across the company.

One year on, we’ve come together to look back on our progress so far and updated our career development support based on everyone’s feedback. We all set our personal annual goals, which aligned with both our personal career goals and the company’s targets, and changes to the team were set out:

  • We’ve introduced a new pod dedicated to People & Growth, meaning business development, personal growth across the team, and staff retention.
  • Introduced several new junior roles to support the next generation of digital talent (watch this space!)
  • We’re all actively involved in how we shape, present and evolve our digital marketing services.

With Project Stitch, the Loom team has an opportunity to be involved with the direction of the company. We’re 100% transparent with our plans and love hearing what everyone thinks. This way, as Loom continues to grow, so does our team, as all our goals align and we get to celebrate our successes together.

Receiving client feedback for The Drum Recommends

As a Drum Recommended agency, we’re always keen to hear what our clients think of our services. We reached out again this year and received some lovely feedback, including this lovely compliment:

“If you are looking for an agency that feel like an extension of your team, offer expert advice and guidance and have a genuine passion for digital marketing then look no further than Loom. They have transformed our digital presence, rocketed our SEO and have supported our ongoing strategy to make sure we are always on the front foot. I would highly recommend them.”

Sarah Shergold, Head of Marketing at Lifetime Training

The Drum Recommends is also an important metric to us as a business as it measures client satisfaction. We strive to maintain a score of at least 9 (out of 10). Something that we are pleased to have achieved this year.

Changes within the digital marketing industry

A lot has happened in a year, for both Loom and the digital marketing industry. One of the most notable updates was Google announcing the deadline to migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This is a huge change for marketers, as Universal Analytics (UA) has been the go-to reporting tool for years.

With just a year left to make the transition and collect as much data as possible, we’re starting to prepare ourselves and our clients for this big transition.

Read our blog for more information about the change to Google Analytics 4.

As predicted by our team at the end of last year, TikTok has continued making waves throughout the industry. We’ve been dipping our toes into the platform recently, and are looking forward to trialling ads on the app and seeing how we can support businesses in the future. Find out more about TikTok here.

We also continue to navigate the world of Cookies and Privacy, helping to find the balance between privacy and data.

Celebrating another successful year at Loom Digital

We’re so pleased with all the progress we’ve made this year. We’d like to thank our clients, partners and wonderful team for all the hard work they’ve put in – we couldn’t have done it without you!

“Our 13th birthday feels more special than ever post-covid. There’s been a lot going on and it’s not all been work, work, work! A team trip to Devon and a client annual surf trip have been some of the highlights so far. We’ve welcomed some fantastic new team members and started working with some great new clients. This year has also been about sharpening things up internally to make sure we’re in better shape for future growth and expansion, as we’d started to outgrow some of our processes. At this mid-way point through the year, we’ve just posted our best-ever half year performance! Great work everyone and happy birthday to us.”

Nikki Ellison

If you’d like to find out more about our PPC and Biddable Media, SEO and Content services, then please browse our website or get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

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