Tommy Pearson

Head of PPC

Tommy heads up the PPC side of things at Loom, working to push client accounts forwards and keep them up to date with this ever-changing side of digital marketing. With experience across eCommerce, B2B and B2C accounts, Tommy is always confident that PPC can drive great results for any business, no matter how big or small. 

Tommy loves nothing more than getting to know his clients and who their ideal customers are. No two PPC accounts are alike, and there is always a way to make your products and services stand out to the right people. He is also a keen believer in using PPC alongside other digital channels to make the most out of all available online opportunities.

The integrated digital marketing mix that Loom offers is perfect for Tommy’s approach, which lets him get creative with their strategy and opens new avenues for client success. There’s always something new to test and try, and all accounts can always get better.

Outside the office, Tommy is a keen cook and fermenter, making his own kimchi and kombucha and experimenting with new flavours. He loves to run and cycle, but mainly as an excuse to eat more food!

Tommy Pearson
  • Google Ads Search Qualified

  • Google Ads Display Qualified

  • Google Ads Shopping Qualified

  • Google Ads Video Qualified

  • Google Ads Mobile Qualified

  • Microsoft Ads Qualified