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Drive engagement, meet your users’ needs and connect with your audience with content marketing. Loom’s team of content marketers have experience in creative writing, SEO, writing for the web, marketing, video & PR, making us uniquely placed to deliver supercharged content strategies.

What is Content Marketing?

Content spans everything from YouTube videos to ‘How To’ guides, to general blog posts, thought-leadership pieces and website graphics. It’s the process of creating unique content specifically for your target audience and then getting it in front of them.

Through careful and strategic promotion, we make sure your audience sees your powerful content at the right time. The purpose is simple – to engage your audience and move them towards a desired outcome on your website.

Content marketing is key for building the trust and brand awareness you need to persuade users to take actions on your site.

Content marketing services at Loom

At Loom, we offer a range of content marketing services. Take a look at our individual services in more detail below.

  • Content & Website Copywriting

    At Loom we specialise in copywriting for the web, ensuring that your web copy is optimised for search and structured to suit web readers

  • Video marketing

    Get your video content seen by the right people at the right time. From video SEO to social media marketing and YouTube ads, our video marketing experts can make sure your video reaches its potential.

Loom – Your content marketing agency in Bristol

At Loom, we’ve been creating content and highly effective content strategies for a decade.

Our team of talented writers and content creators have led content marketing campaigns for a wide range of business types. Whether you operate in a mainstream B2C or a niche B2B industry, our Bristol-based content marketing experts have the experience to create content that will get you the results you want.

As with everything at Loom, our campaigns are informed by data. As content marketing is an ongoing process of creation, promotion, and learning, we begin by getting a deep understanding of your target audience. This requires research, segmentation, and developing a comprehensive picture of your audience’s needs.

Once we understand exactly what your audience values, we create a detailed content strategy to deliver it to them in engaging ways. Our strategies adapt over time, allowing us to learn, identify new opportunities and meet your evolving business’ goals.

Flexible content marketing agency in Bristol

At Loom, our content marketing offering is extremely flexible. We appreciate that you may already have a content-writing resource or a copywriter who’s familiar with your brand tone of voice. You may even have a budding writer internally who knows your service or product range inside out.

That’s why we adapt our service to whatever it is you already have in-house. We work with your content resource and provide content briefs to ensure the content they write fits SEO requirements and meets user needs according to our research. From there, your resource can deliver the content, and then pass back to us to promote. 

Our expert content marketing team is made of a mix of trained journalists, bloggers, PR experts and writers. This means our team has all the skills needed to make your online content stand out, and get the results you want.

Benefits of content marketing for businesses



The key benefit of content marketing is that it allows you to engage with your target audience in meaningful ways. By creating content that directly talks to your audience, you develop trust, brand loyalty, and ultimately more conversions. 

For example, content that answers the queries and “pain points” of your audience strengthens your brand’s authority in its sector and highlights your brand values. It can also communicate your unique selling points effectively. Inspirational content can bring new, relevant and warm audiences to your site, introducing them to your services and pulling them into your sales funnel. 

Aside from benefiting your audience directly, content marketing can also increase high-quality traffic to your site. That’s because by adding regular, high-quality content to your site, you show web users and search engines that you’re an active and engaged business online. Highly relevant copy is the primary ranking factor when it comes to SEO and this increases organic traffic. 

Content marketing works for everyone. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you’ll see the benefits of implementing a content marketing strategy on your website. Where there’s an audience – there’s a content strategy.

Content marketing as part of an integrated campaign

When used alone, content marketing can be extremely powerful. When used with other channels, it does an incredible job at tying things together. 

For example, we use content marketing techniques strategically to enhance the performance of other channels. SEO-driven content directly impacts organic traffic by earning links and increasing search visibility around targeted keywords.

We can also pay to promote content via PPC, knowing that it will help the targeted PPC audience with their queries. Content can enhance PPC campaigns by creating powerful landing pages For social media, we can share content specifically to help drive awareness around a service or product, amplifying the push side of a marketing campaign. 

Find out more about our integrated marketing service.

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