Tom Spooner

Client Strategy

  • Digital Strategy
  • Content & SEO
  • Client Services
  • Leadership team

Tom’s a digital marketing specialist with over a decade working in online content and SEO. With a focus on strategy, Tom makes sure that all marketing channels are integrated and tailored to achieve our client’s goals. 

Tom has experience embedding successful digital strategies across a range of industries. He loves working collaboratively with clients to help them unlock new opportunities.

With a background in creative writing, journalism and copywriting, Tom is passionate about content and the role it plays across the entire sales journey. When intelligently optimised for users and search engines, content can have a transformative impact on a business. 

If you want to reach a new audience, launch a new service or simply supercharge what you’re already doing, Tom combines creative thinking with expert knowledge to secure your long term success.

He loves that Loom is all about a complete commitment to our clients and their success. At Loom, there is a genuine passion for digital marketing and what it can achieve. Tom is a vinyl junky and a lover of brutalist architecture. 

Tom Spooner - Content & SEO Specialist