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Shopping is a key digital marketing channel for any eCommerce site. Earn a strong return on ad spend and pay less per click with a well-optimised shopping campaign from Loom.

Shopping & CSS

Google Shopping & CSS Campaigns

If you have an eCommerce website, search engine shopping ads offer an effective, cost-efficient and high returning method of getting your products in front of the right people. Available via Google and Bing Ads, shopping campaigns allow you to serve image-based product ads above a search engine’s standard search results. 

Shopping Ads are shown to users who are actively searching for your products, or have shown an interest in your products. The adverts include information such as your product title, an image, the price, and any relevant promotion that’s running. 

At Loom, we’re experts in running shopping campaigns. Plus, we’re Google CSS (Comparison Shopping Service) Partners, meaning we can offer a 20% discount on your Shopping Ad spend.

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Why use Google Shopping campaigns?

As the owner of an eCommerce website, Google Shopping campaigns should be your priority when planning your PPC and Biddable media campaigns. 

The reason is simple: these ads consistently provide the highest returns for your budget. Furthermore, it’s incredibly easy to attribute actual revenue to specific areas of spend, making Shopping campaigns easy to scale and grow.

In addition, Google Shopping is continuously evolving. In an effort to compete with Amazon’s online transactional dominance, Google is making constant enhancements to its Shopping platform so it works even better for advertisers. 

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At Loom, our PPC and Biddable media team are experts in Shopping campaigns. We’ve had training, taken exams and have years of experience under our belts. This enables us to build and manage Google Shopping campaigns that deliver the most impactful results. 

When it comes to shopping campaigns, we can work with you in a number of ways. You can choose to set us budget and revenue targets. Alternatively, we can work towards a return on spend target to ensure your profit margins are looked after. During the setup process, we help to define your objectives and build the best strategy for your business.

So, if you’re looking for Google shopping campaign help, we would love to hear from you. Whether you’re starting from scratch or would like us to take over an existing account, we can help. 

Our PPC and biddable media team work on Shopping campaigns each day, testing and optimising them to ensure they generate the highest possible ROAS (return on ad spend). We provide help with linking Merchant Centres to respective ad platforms – whether that’s Google, Bing, or Facebook

We also take advantage of multiple Google Shopping campaign structures and strategies to help us achieve your business goals, such as:

  • Query-Level Bidding – control over what search terms appear for what products
  • Smart Shopping – using Google’s machine learning to show a variety of ads across networks.
  • Local Shopping Campaigns – promoting your online and local inventory, and boosting traffic to your website or local store.
  • Custom shopping structure – a strategy based on your priority products, using the custom labels we create in the account.

Plus, as a CSS Partner, you can get 20% cheaper Shopping Ad Clicks when you work with our team. (Note that the 20% off is subject to change.)

Our Google Premier Partner status

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As a Google Partner agency, you can trust Loom to deliver digital marketing excellence. Our team of PPC experts has decades of combined PPC experience and a proven track record that has helped Loom achieve the Google Partner status.

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