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PPC Remarketing Services

Remarketing helps you to target potential customers who have already been on your website. It can push them towards completing the desired action or encourage them to become repeat customers with strong lifetime value.

Most importantly, it reminds your website users of your product or service after they’ve left your site and are exploring others. It recaptures their interest and can result in a conversion long after their initial interaction with your website, something which particularly benefits businesses with long lead time.

At Loom, our PPC and Biddable media experts can help you get the most out of your remarketing campaigns.

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Why use remarketing?

Data shows that people are more likely to buy from a familiar website that they trust over one they’ve never seen before. 

Remarketing re-captures the attention of users that have already interacted with your website as they travel through the web, increasing the familiarity they feel towards your brand. This heightens trust signals and pushes them towards making a conversion.

By segmenting your audience into different pots such as product page viewers or shopping cart abandoners, you can create highly targeted ads that resonate with highly specific and engaged audiences.

By allocating a portion of your PPC and Biddable media budget to remarketing campaigns, you’ll reach audiences that are more likely to convert. This saves you money, increases your conversion rate and improves your ROAS.

Our Google Premier Partner status

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As a Google Premier Partner agency 2023, you can trust Loom to deliver digital marketing excellence. Our team of PPC experts has decades of combined PPC experience and a proven track record that has helped Loom achieve the Google Premier Partner status.

How it benefits your brand

Remarketing Strategy

A good remarketing strategy controls which audiences see which ads based on a variety of different factors such as: 

  • The pages they’ve seen
  • How they’ve engaged with your site 
  • If they’re already registered members of your site
  • The products or services they’ve viewed 
  • Demographic data

By using this data, you can create tailored ad copy for specific audiences to make sure you’re speaking to them directly. This encourages users to move further down the conversion funnel. 

At Loom, our PPC and Biddable media specialists start devising your remarketing strategy by interrogating your websites’ data. Then we use a mixture of the following remarketing campaigns and strategies to ensure you see the results you want.

Audience list curation

Following a remarketing list strategy is crucial for remarketing success. At Loom, we make sure you’re always serving your website users the most appropriate ads by curating watertight audience lists for remarketing. We do this by splitting your audience data into various lists such as demographics, site engagement metrics and much more. We then use these structured lists for various types of remarketing campaigns.

RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) – search remarketing

RSLA makes your Google search ad more visible to people who have already been on your website. This is great for targeting people in the research phase of the conversion funnel. By paying more to show your ads to your website audiences, you can make sure they see your search ad more prominently in comparison to competitors. This reinforces your offering and makes your brand appear authoritative and consistent, pushing the web user to convert with you. 

Display remarketing

Display remarketing targets your website users with rich-media ads based on your product or service. These display ads are the same size as general Display ads, but are designed to remind your website users of your products and services on other websites. Crucially, the messaging and images on these Display ads can be targeted for different audiences for maximum effect.

Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing shows a relevant selection of products or services to your audience based on how they’ve interacted with your website. Unlike like display remarketing, dynamic remarketing shows different services or products to different users depending on their site usage, making it a really effective tactic for ecommerce websites. These ads are unique to each user and work by interacting with your product feed to deliver the exact products that your users have been viewing.

Sequential remarketing ads

Sequential remarketing ads follow your audience throughout their consideration phase, showing relevant messaging depending on where they’re at in the buying process. A user who has been on your site once may interact differently to one who has seen three ads and visited your site five times. Sequential ads allow you to show different messaging to users at different times in their journey. By slicing apart data, these ads help pull audiences through the consideration process, right through to making a transaction.

Loom – Your remarketing agency


At Loom, remarketing is a vital part of all our PPC and wider integrated digital marketing strategies. It helps bring everything together, allowing us to follow the full customer journey to make every click count.

Our PPC and Biddable media experts only focus on meaningful data. We look beyond website visitors or specific pages reached to curate audiences based on engagement signals and micro conversions. We tailor and test ads at different stages in the purchase/lead funnel, and analyse and refine to help your remarketing campaigns work even harder. 

All our PPC experts are Google Ads qualified. We’re also experienced in running remarketing campaigns across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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