Paid search

There’s no better target audience than a customer who’s actively looking for your services. Loom’s sophisticated paid search strategies and precision optimisation ensure that when someone wants to find what you offer, you’ll be there, without paying over the odds.

Paid search

What is paid search?

Paid search is the fastest way to drive qualified traffic to your site. Simple, but highly effective, it works by displaying text ads in search engine result pages when users search for your product or service. It’s the type of biddable media campaign most associated with the term “PPC” because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

It works by letting advertisers bid on keywords or phrases that your audience is searching for. If you win the auction for that keyword, the search engine will display your ad, letting you target users who are actively looking for your service or product. 

At Loom, we’ve been working on Paid search campaigns for over a decade and we have a dedicated team of specialists who are experts at managing advertising in the auction place. Our deep understanding of Paid search means we create bespoke strategies that meet your digital marketing goals. 

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Paid search campaign management

While keywords are the bread and butter of paid search campaigns, it’s evolved significantly over the last decade. In today’s search-scape, there are endless optimisation possibilities. Now, as well as keywords, you can target Paid search ads at:

  • Demographics
  • Locations
  • Specific times of day
  • Different devices
  • Google generated audiences 

The benefits of Paid Search

Paid search campaigns allow you to respond to your audiences’ needs proactively. They let your customers find the products or services that they’re actively searching for, and you only pay when they click on your ad.

These campaigns are highly optimisable, flexible and scalable, meaning you can enhance your ads’ performance in order to improve the ROAS (return on ad spend).

You can turn your ad campaigns on and off at the flick of a switch, providing an instant and easy to control flow of qualified traffic to your website. This is perfect for moments when you need a few more leads for surplus resource, or to drive sales during a time of high demand. You may even wish to use Paid search to secure presence in the search space, while you work on organic visibility.  Plus, with budget and bid management, you’ll only ever spend what you want to.

Paid search management services

At Loom, we pride ourselves on our data-driven PPC strategies that deliver real results.

As a Google Partner, we’re recognised by Google as a leading agency for Google Ads management. Our dedicated PPC and Biddable media team are each fully qualified in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads and work tirelessly to enhance and improve the performance of your campaigns.

Our Google Premier Partner status

Google Premier Partner Badge 2023 Loom Digital

As a Google Premier Partner agency 2023, you can trust Loom to deliver digital marketing excellence. Our team of PPC experts has decades of combined PPC experience and a proven track record that has helped Loom achieve the Google Partner status.

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Businesses we’ve helped succeed with PPC and Biddable media

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