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Reach new customers as they browse the web with targeted display and video adverts run by Loom.

Video and Display

Display and Video advertising

Display and Video advertising allow businesses to target specific audiences, demographics and interest groups with rich-media adverts such as display banners or video ads.

While these ads are perfect for raising awareness about products or services, they’re also very effective for remarketing and for improving customer retention. 

Banner ads are run on Google’s display network (GDN), a network of over two million websites which have space to display various advert placements. Due to the huge number of websites on GDN, Google display ads have a reach of up to 90% of all internet users. 

Ads can also be run programmatically through DV360. Learn more about our programmatic service. 

Video ads run on YouTube, the second biggest search engine after Google, and video partner sites on the GDN. YouTube video ads can be shown before and during playing videos, and with almost 5 billion videos watched every day, these ads have a huge reach. 

Google display network audiences

YouTube video ads and Google display ads can target audience profiles created with both Google’s data, your own data, and a combination of the two. 

Google’s off the shelf audiences cover a huge range of audience types, and allow you to drill into specific demographics and user behaviour to find the right people for your campaign.

You can also create your own defined audience lists based on user website behaviour. This can be overlayed with Google’s data, creating even tighter, targeted audiences.

Perfecting these audiences can help you introduce new people into your buying funnel, and maintain those that have already entered. 

Google-led surveys have shown that a single user spent 73 days and needed more than 250 web touchpoints before making a purchase. Display and Video is key to helping keep your brand in the conversation. It’s also hugely cost-effective as you only pay when someone clicks, meaning a huge number of users could see your ads or videos without you paying a penny. 

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Loom – Display ad agency

At Loom, we approach Google Display and Video ads like we do everything – with data-inspired creativity.

It’s common for display ad campaign strategies to start with large, broad audiences that are whittled down until they hit a sweet spot. We prefer to be more precise from the get-go, planning your display and video campaign with a focused, predetermined idea of who the audience is.

We do this through detailed research, getting to truly understand your target audience and understanding the human element of your campaign. We collect data from the likes of your business, Google and various other resources. This allows us to plan high converting display and video campaigns with highly engaged audiences. 

Our approach means your audience gets nurtured over time, and can be transformed into key customers with high lifetime values. 

We’re a Google Partner, giving us access to Google teams who help us supercharge display and video campaigns. 

Alternatively, if you feel your Display & Video ads have reached their maximum potential on the Google Display Network, our Programmatic service could help you get to the next level.

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