PPC & biddable drives record levels of attendees for Cheltenham College

A prestigious private school looking to boost prospectus downloads, enquiry form submissions and open day attendances through PPC & Biddable channels.


increase in leads


decrease in cost per lead


increase in clicks to the website

Formed in 1841, Cheltenham College is a prestigious private school set in the heart of the Cotswolds. After being affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, Cheltenham College wanted to boost new attendees for the September 2022 cohort. A new strategy was required, and Loom jumped straight on the task.

Loom’s PPC & Biddable Ad Strategy

Using a bespoke strategy across Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads, along with a robust Google Analytics tracking set up, our paid activity created a marketing funnel that took users from their first interaction with the brand through to conversion.

  • Using Google Custom Audiences and refinement based on historical data, we were able to target our ideal target user.
  • Drop off points in the prospectus download form were tagged and tracked to ensure we could see where potential downloaders were stalling in the process.
  • A mixture of Display and Search traffic helped us promote different goals for Cheltenham College. For example, users that had signed up to an open day were then segmented into our remarketing audience, encouraging them to fill in an application/enquiry and therefore pushing them further down the funnel.
  • We leveraged a mixture of lookalike audiences on Facebook and Instagram, alongside multiple different Pixel actions to help refine and build out new users, vs those who already had varying levels of onsite engagement. This allowed us to customise the messaging based on users’ current stage of the funnel.
  • Created new prospecting audiences based on interests and life events to establish a new cohort of potential converters and increase the number of people entering the funnel.
  • We also utilised Facebook recommended features like Advantage+ and optimised messaging.
  • With Seasonality being a key factor in Education, we were flexible with campaigns and platform budgets in order to be able to maximise our capacity at peak times. As well as aligning visual creatives during different times of the year to drive results.

The Results of our Paid Ad Campaigns

Our PPC & Biddable campaigns have been a great success bringing in some fantastic results for Cheltenham College:

  • 753% increase in prospectus downloads & enquiry form submissions
  • 74% decrease in cost per lead
  • 314% increase in clicks to the website
  • September 2022 will see Cheltenham have its highest level of attendees ever

*all results from: January – July 2022 vs January – July 2021

“The team at Loom have worked hard and asked all the right questions to understand our unique organisation and objectives. They also happen to be the nicest agency around – always willing to discuss new ideas and share new technical concepts clearly and easily. Working with Matt and the team we have been able to adapt quickly and easily integrate our digital marketing into our overall campaigns. A real strength of the Loom team is how they help to keep us up-to-date with the latest web marketing developments, supporting us to try new technologies and approaches ahead of our competitors.” – Richard Watts, Cheltenham College

The Loomies behind the strategy

The Loom team worked closely with Cheltenham College to drive leads alongside reducing the CPC.


Matt Cooper - PPC & Biddable Media SpecialistMatt loves to test and trial account strategies whilst scrutinising data in order to achieve the best possible results.By paying close attention to Cheltenham’s target audience and their behaviours, Matt has reached them at the right place at the right time – driving record breaking results.

“It has been great to be able to test new ad types and creatives for Cheltenham. The results via biddable media in particular have been extremely impressive. It has been great to record such strong statistics post COVID. It is a testament to the hard work that the team at Cheltenham College undertake and their willingness to test new ideas.” – Matt Cooper

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