Your users may be scattered across several social media channels or spend a lot of time on one platform. Either way, you need the right data and in-depth knowledge of these channels to fully harness the power social media provides. A considered and carefully managed paid social strategy unlocks this power and ensures that your business appears on users’ feeds. 

Whether you want to build brand awareness, increase website traffic or boost conversions, social media advertising is a valuable tool. With comprehensive reporting and features that allow for granular targeting, our Paid Media experts are ready to get stuck in and craft an intricate strategy on channels most relevant to you.

  • £220k

    monthly managed media spend across paid social channels

  • 70%

    average increase in reach YoY

  • 60 +

    the number of years of our team’s paid media experience


  • Meta Ads 

    The powerful combination of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

    Meta Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

    Your gateway to valuable B2B decision makers

    LinkedIn Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

    Get creative with assets and stand out from the crowd

    Pinterest Ads
  • TikTok Ads

    Generate a buzz on this short-form video powerhouse

    TikTok Ads


Already have an in-house team but looking for support from a strategic paid social media expert? Get actionable, strategic insights into your account that will improve performance, efficiency and ROAS with our consultancy service.

Our consultancy service



EventStoreDB • Lead Gen

LinkedIn Ads drive quality conversions for niche SaaS company

Loom worked with Event Store, the company behind EventStoreDB – an open-source state-transition database for building event-sourced software applications, to boost lead generation, registrations and sign-ups through targeted marketing on LinkedIn.

  • 770%

    increase in clicks year on year

  • 33%

    YoY cost per click reduction

  • 323


Patternbank • eCommerce

Pinterest Ads deliver 706% ROAS

When Patternbank teamed up with Loom to expand their customer base, we turned to Pinterest to showcase the client’s stunning pattern collection.

  • £37.5k

    in revenue

  • 1.3 million

    pin engagements

  • 706%


Frequent questions

  • Is Paid Social Media worth it?

    Paid Social Media advertising has become an essential component of many businesses’ marketing strategies. It can be highly effective and worth the investment if done correctly.

    Paid Social offers precise targeting and measurable results that can help businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals. Your strategies are flexible and can be tailored to suit your current circumstances. However, success requires careful planning, ongoing optimisation, and a clear understanding of your audience and objectives.

  • Which social platform should I advertise on?

    Choosing the right social platform to advertise on depends on various factors, including your target audience, business goals and the nature of your products or services. 

    For example, Facebook is ideal for targeting broader audiences, whereas LinkedIn is more granular. Instagram and Snapchat are great platforms for younger audiences and TikTok is the place to be if you’re a visually engaging business, like fashion and entertainment.

  • How much should I invest in social ads?

    Investing in social ads should be a strategic decision based on clear goals, an in-depth understanding of your audience and monitoring performance. Start with a manageable budget, test various strategies and scale up based on what delivers the best results for your business.

  • I don’t have a designer, can you make my social ads?

    Creating effective social ads without a dedicated designer is possible. You can use tools such as Canva, Adobe Spark and Lumen5, or consider outsourcing a designer to work with your on your campaigns.

  • What is the role of paid social?

    Paid social is a powerful tool for businesses to achieve their marketing goals by leveraging the vast reach and sophisticated targeting capabilities of social media platforms. 

    It complements organic efforts, provides measurable results and helps drive engagement, traffic, leads and sales. By strategically using paid social, businesses can enhance their overall digital marketing effectiveness and achieve sustained growth.



Tommy Pearson Growth Expert at Loom Digital

Tommy Pearson

Growth & Strategy