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Two days of work experience with Loom Digital

As huge digital marketing fans, we’re always happy to share our knowledge and introduce people to the industry. So when Tyler Flowers reached out for work experience, we quickly set her up with a laptop and helped her get stuck in.

Tyler certainly rose to the occasion, producing some great work for us during her time here. She asked plenty of questions and explored our digital marketing channels in detail – PPC & Biddable Media, SEO and Content as well as social media.

As part of her day, she put together a short blog documenting her experience. Keep reading to see how she got on.

Tyler’s work experience at Loom Digital

Doing work experience at Loom Digital has been a great experience, and I would 100% recommend this company for anyone who’s interested in marketing. They offer plenty of insight into what they do within their industry.

When I first started my work experience, I was nervous and unsure of where I was going and what I would be doing, but the staff comforted me and made it easy for me to fit in. They treated me no differently to how they treated their colleagues, making me feel as if I was part of their team. By the end of the two days, I am well educated on this industry and will continue to progress my knowledge.

My mind was so focused on digital marketing as a career, but I did not know what section of this industry I wanted to work in. Over the course of my two days, I met friendly staff members who went over what their role entails and showed me examples of the types of work that they do on a daily basis. This helped me have a better understanding of what I would be doing if I was to go into a marketing-based career, and gave me a clear insight as to finding out what best suits me. Loom introduced me to all of their sectors within their company. These were: PPC, website optimisation, social media marketing, SEO (including technical), and content marketing. These sectors of the industry are all closely linked, meaning I could have a clear understanding of how each sector performs.

My favourite part of being able to work with Loom was being able to experience what it would be like if I was in this career. It has really helped me be able to narrow my options of what sector in marketing that I would like to specialise in. Even though every sector was interesting, narrowing my options made me realise what digital marketing sectors I have particularly enjoyed, which are PPC, content marketing and social media marketing. I have also enjoyed office life which has enabled me to get to know the friendly staff that I worked with. The staff go out of their way to make sure that you feel included, such as going to lunch with you and offering you snacks, and it has made me have such a positive and happy experience which I will never forget.

Your career in digital marketing

Whether you’re looking to expand your experience or are keen to level up in your digital marketing career, we could be the company for you. We don’t mean to be biassed but we’re a great agency to work for – passionate, keen to do our best for our clients while also experiencing some exciting perks on the side. Keep an eye on our Careers page for job openings.

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