After spending my first year of university avoiding thinking too far into the future, I decided I better knuckle down in my second year and figure out what would actually get me out of bed on a Monday morning. I came across marketing and was eager to learn more. The digital side excited me the most because it is dynamic and incorporates creative and academic skills. When I found Loom’s website it seemed like a friendly, unique and energetic environment which I wanted to get involved in. I have not been disappointed.

Before I started my work experience fortnight, I felt nervous as I had never done anything like it. But, I received a warm welcome and instantly felt settled in their relaxed and inventive office. They treated me as one of the team and I received a broad insight into agency life.

Over the fortnight, I have been involved in meetings and creating social media posts, online content writing and much more. One highlight was using my creative side when making PPC display ads on Canva. I am very grateful for the amount of time the Loom team have dedicated to helping me. I have learnt more than I could have imagined and It is safe to say I have not been bored for a single second.

It has been great to discover that skills I’ve picked up in my degree are transferable to a working environment. I even got to use my legal knowledge when mind-mapping marketing ideas for a legal client. My work experience at Loom has made me less anxious about finishing university and entering the big wide world of work.

I have loved getting to know the team. I definitely did not expect anyone to be a fellow herbal tea drinker (which tastes even better in their charming Bristol mugs). They have all been so helpful and supportive, not just with work and careers, but also offering great advice for my travels around Europe. I have had a fantastic experience and certainly recommend contacting Loom if you are interested in a digital marketing career (but watch Game of Thrones before you start).

Thank-you for having me Loom!

Article written by Sophia Massey.

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