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Use Facebook more strategically with Loom. Our Blueprint-certified team help businesses to run sophisticated Facebook marketing & advertising. From community management to Facebook Shopping ads and everything in between, Loom can help you get the most from Facebook.

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Facebook Marketing & Advertising

Facebook is the most dominant social media platform online and boasts over 32.7 million Facebook users in the UK alone. Through Facebook marketing and advertising, it’s almost guaranteed that your business can target warm, relevant and active users, no matter what your business offers. 

From Facebook Ads to community management of Facebook pages and groups, this social media giant presents a huge opportunity to any business that wants to get the most out of their brand’s online presence.

At Loom, we’re experts in Facebook Marketing. We’re even Facebook Blueprint certified, meaning you can trust us to deliver expert Facebook marketing strategies that generate real results for your business. 

Loom’s Facebook Service 

  • Delivery

    We create posts and ads that are tailored to your brand and that will encourage valuable actions and interactions.


  • Community management 

    Creating a genuine community around your brand by engaging with your fans and getting involved in the conversation.

  • Optimisation & Testing

    Ongoing optimisation and testing, to ensure that your ads and copy are reaching the right audiences.

  • social listening

    Social listening

    We listen to what your fans are saying, what your competitors are doing and what’s happening in your industry to make sure you’re up to date and your content stays relevant.

  • reporting icon


    Tailored reporting to track the data you find most valuable.

  • audit

    Audit & Strategy

    Full audit of your business, industry, competitors, existing channel & posts in order to create a Facebook strategy that is tailored to your business and aims.

Facebook marketing strategy

Developing a Facebook marketing strategy with Business pages and Facebook groups is an extremely effective way to engage and communicate with your online audience. 

More and more people are choosing to follow and contact brands through their Facebook pages, providing an excellent opportunity for you to reinforce your brand values and personality.

By monitoring messages and comments and responding quickly and personally, you can ensure great customer experience, no matter the platform. Sharing relevant and strategic content on your page and engaging with user comments also helps to enhance trust signals and encourage a positive experience.

Facebook marketing can also help you to:

  • Build an active and engaged following
  • Expand your audience 
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create and engage in valuable conversations with existing and potential customers

Benefits of Facebook marketing


The community feel of Facebook presents a huge opportunity for businesses. Spaces such as Facebook groups allow you to listen to and engage with your audience authentically. It presents the ideal platform to listen to your audience and learn exactly what they want from you. 

This “social listening” can help you to identify trends, better understand your audience and provide them with the content and the information they really want.  

At Loom, we use social listening to better understand your target market and identify what trends are relevant to your business. We then use this to form an ongoing Facebook marketing strategy, as well as identify unexplored opportunities for your business. 

Advertising on Facebook

No matter what type of business you run, Facebook offers a variety of advert types that will enhance your business’ online presence. Combined with an extensive collection of demographics and interest-based user data, Facebook advertising is a powerful resource when it comes to selling your service or product effectively. 

With Facebook ads, you can choose from advert types such as:

  • Reach and frequency ads – ideal for large budgets who want to generate large-scale brand awareness
  • Lead generation ads – ideal for getting customer’s details straight from Facebook without the user having to land on your website
  • Conversion ads – ideal for targeting an audience who’s most likely to convert. 
  • Dynamic remarketing – perfect for re-targeting your existing website users with the products/services they’ve already explored, but with ads on Facebook 
  • Product ads – ideal for showing any physical products  your products along with price information 

The format of these ads can vary between single image post ads, Facebook messenger ads, carousel ads, video ads and more, making it even easier to target your audience in the right place, on the right device, and in the right way.

At Loom, we strategically plan these ad campaigns to meet your business goals. Whether we’re introducing your brand to a new audience, reminding them of your offering, or targeting your most engaged audiences with irrefutable CTAs.

Loom – Facebook marketing agency

At Loom, our Facebook Blueprint certified team has years of experience in researching, planning and creating social campaigns that achieve the results you want. We’re experts in Facebook marketing and advertising, meaning whatever your business does, we can make Facebook work for your company’s goals.

Our integrated approach to digital marketing means we make sure your Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns work in harmony with other digital marketing channels such as PPC, SEO, and content. 

Lastly, we’re really flexible and can offer you support exactly how you need it. If your business has its own in-house social media team, we can help with ongoing Facebook marketing and advertising strategies, making sure they’re running in the most effective way possible. We can also offer training to your in-house team.

Integrated Digital Marketing transforms businesses

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