• £37.5k

    in revenue

  • 1.3 million

    pin engagements

  • 706%


  • £37.5kk

    in revenue

  • 1.3million

    pin engagements

  • 706%


  • 555k

    engaged Pinners


Pinterest is the home of creatives, so Patternbank’s campaign needed to stand out, especially as our aim was attracting new users.

  • We took an upper and middle funnel approach, kicking off activity in the UK domestic market with the plan to expand into new markets later on, such as the USA and Australia.
  • For the first stage of our strategy, we set up initial Brand Awareness campaigns to place Patternbank in front of users and increase traffic to their website. We tested various interest campaigns, using a combination of USP-based images and videos to promote Patternbank’s pattern selection.
  • Alongside this, we also implemented keyword-based campaigns to reach users searching with a range of match types on Pinterest.
  • After testing various Brand Awareness campaigns we replicated the most successful campaigns in the US and Australia, creating great results.
  • Once our pins had brought in some decent growth, we moved on to the next stage of our Ads strategy – and the marketing funnel. To push them to convert, we launched additional conversion-based Pinterest campaigns. We optimised for users with high intent, focusing on obtaining sales for the client.
Patterbank Pattern Designers

Loom has been a perfect fit for Patternbank and have been able to focus in on our key target users. As we are a very visual business, Pinterest was identified as a fantastic platform to connect with new and existing customers, as well as driving conversions. The team at Loom have been super pro-active in exploring data to help fine tune our campaigns to maximise output. Loom’s expert marketing insights have helped grow our ROAS and brand awareness significantly.

Neil Co-Founder of Patternbank

Our strategy has been guided by the data that when we convert new users through top of funnel advertising we naturally retain them. This has meant that we can aim for a ROAS of 300% because in 3 months time the estimated ROAS for 1 new acquired customer is 900% when teamed with a retention strategy via Instagram, Google and email

Sam Loom Digital

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Tommy Pearson Growth Expert at Loom Digital

Tommy Pearson

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