Western Global

Loom has been working with Western Global for over 12 months to help them grow their market share in North America with the end goal of increasing both the volume and relevancy of leads acquired in the United States and Canada.

The project

Western Global is a world renowned manufacturer of fuel tanks, utilised in construction, rental & power generation, fuel distribution and disaster relief cases. Loom were tasked with scaling their paid media channels while improving the quality of leads achieved in the US and Canada.


increase in leads YoY


increase in absolute top of page rate


above-average conversion rate

Through both Google and Bing, we developed a strict strategy based on stakeholder keywords and search term research that allowed us to scope out ways of reaching an engaged audience. To make sure Western Global wasn’t missing opportunities across the sales funnel, we allocated budget over several campaigns to target a mix of top-of-funnel campaigns, all the way down to specific product search terms.

Western Global’s biddable media strategy

To ensure success in a niche market, Loom carefully crafted a unique biddable strategy:

  • Rebuilt all existing campaigns in the account to meet Google’s best practices across the board. Our focus here was improving ad rank, to ensure that ads would stand the best chance in auctions.
  • Improved keyword relevancy through detailed research and stakeholder insights. Western Global’s product range is niche, yet their categories and core terms are synonymous with irrelevant items such as automotive fuel tanks or jerry cans. As such, we harnessed exact and phrase match keywords to retain control over the search terms our ads delivered against. This helped us reduce wasted costs on low-value yet competitive terms, and helped us to retain an above-average conversion rate on all campaigns.
  • We also reviewed ongoing search term reports to continuously improve the ad serve, working to improve the strength of our ads by preventing delivery on irrelevant product terms.
  • Loom opened up new channels to tap into further opportunities. This included Microsoft ads, where a lower level of competition resulted in 64% cheaper CPCs and 11% cheaper CPAs than Google.
  • We also launched short-run seasonal campaigns to increase the opportunity for exposure and react to emerging circumstances. These campaigns tapped into highly targeted time-sensitive keywords, resulting in higher-than-average conversion rates.
  • We built and managed display remarketing campaigns to drive engaged users back to the site. This helped us push users who had served for top-of-funnel terms to revisit the website and take valuable action.
  • Generated high-quality responsive search ads that reflect users’ search queries, with relevant final URLs, to help drive a high average conversion rate of 5.07%.
  • Our Loomies worked with Western Global’s internal team – along with data from both GA4 and the native Google Ads account – to make granular bid adjustments in key locations. This enabled us to better focus budget on high-converting regions across the US.
  • We managed campaign and ad-group bid strategies to remain competitive in both lower funnel (brand and product terms) and upper funnel (“fuel tank” generic keywords) campaigns. This ensured that budget was being weighted to campaigns where competition was at its highest in order to grow impression share and top-of-page rate. This also meant that we were keeping bids to a minimum on branded terms where Western Global already ranked well.
  • Finally we also built core conversion events to track hard (lead form submissions) and soft (phone call and email enquiries) interactions to give full transparency over how users were interacting with ads and where we were generating leads.

The results of our PPC campaigns

Thanks to careful and precise management, our PPC campaigns have seen some great results:

  • 187% increase in leads year on year
  • 15% increase in absolute top of page rate
  • Sustained an above-average conversion rate of 5.07%
  • Higher-than-average conversion rates of up to 11.25% for short-term seasonal campaigns
  • Responsive search ads with a high conversion rate of 5.07%

The Western Global Loomies

Our expert team work closely with Western Global to create an integrated international marketing strategy that has helped their lead total fly:

  • Dan is the biddable media mastermind behind Western Global, as well as our pod leader, keeping the rest of the team in check and ensuring that what we deliver is of the highest quality.
  • Tamas is another PPC wizard, working hard on the UK account and supporting Dan with Western Global’s biddable media strategies.
  • Tom works his magic on the account in a variety of ways, whether that’s optimising pages for SEO or providing overall digital marketing strategy support.
  • Chloe takes care of content, optimising existing articles and supporting Western Global’s team with their new pieces.
  • Tegan has recently joined the account from a tech SEO perspective, making sure that the website performs at its best across all areas.

International digital marketing from Loom Digital

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