Infinity Motorcycles - Boosting Black Friday Sales

Infinity Motorcycles is one of the best names in the motorcycle clothing and accessories sector. Infinity Motorcycles was one of Loom’s first clients and have now worked together for over 10 years. As their digital agency, we manage Infinity Motorcycles’ PPC and biddable social, organic social and content.


Facebook Ads ROAS for Black Friday


YoY increase in Google Ads Revenue (driving 800% ROAS)


Increase in total site revenue YoY (BF 2018 vs BF 2019 campaign)

Throughout 2019, Infinity Motorcycles started to face increasing Google Ads competition that was causing the account to experience lower YoY increases in revenue and ROAS.

Despite the increasingly challenging paid search environment, Infinity Motorcycles set Loom some ambitious seasonal targets. From Black Friday through to the January sales, they wanted to achieve higher revenue and higher ROAS YoY.

To achieve these challenging targets, Loom decided to take a fresh approach to the Google Ads account. After meticulous planning and careful risk mitigation, they crafted and carried out an automated bidding strategy that resulted in impressive YoY growth for revenue and ROAS.

What we did:

  • A refreshed biddable media strategy that incorporated paid social, shopping, display, video & automation
  • A Smart Shopping strategy with products split into “Best Sellers” & “Catch-All” campaigns.
  • Optimised product feed attributes such as product type, gender, size, etc. 
  • Seasonal adjustments to ensure that the Smart Shopping campaigns could expect a sharp increase in conversion rate over Black Friday and react accordingly.
  • A Dynamic Search Ad campaign that focused solely on product pages and ran on a Target ROAS (return on ad spend) bidding strategy.
  • Black Friday Video Campaigns (that included Bumper ads, In-Stream, Video Shopping and Trueview for Action) & Black Friday Display Banners & Responsive Display Ads.
  • A biddable social campaign. These were updated dynamic remarketing ads that reflected Black Friday messaging. They involved showing conversion-focused ads to:
    • current customers
    • people who visited the site within the last 30 days 
    • Lookalike audience of recent purchasers 

The Black Friday Results:

  • Facebook Ads drove a 954% ROAS
  • 41% YoY increase in Google Ads Revenue (driving 800% ROAS)
  • Total site revenue was up 18% YoY (BF 2018 vs BF 2019 campaign)

“Over the years, Loom have worked with us on everything from PPC, paid social and content creation, and we have always been impressed by their results. Even with the high level of competition in this sector, we asked of them an ambitious task, to which Loom have again risen to the occasion with a fresh approach to our PPC campaigns, delivering an innovative strategy that maximised our YOY revenue growth and ROAS. Deliverables aside, their team are responsive, accommodating and very friendly to work with. They are always eager to provide guidance where needed, and we can always rely on them to deliver and exceed our expectations.”

Jonah Son, Digital Marketing Executive at Infinity Motorcycles