Infinity Motorcycles - Accelerating Online Traffic and Sales

Loom have been working with Infinity Motorcycles for over 10 years. Even after a decade of working together, we’re still driving huge year-on-year growth through creative digital marketing, profit-focussed biddable strategies and Black Friday campaigns that deliver fantastic results.

When the Covid pandemic hit, we made sure that Infinity would make the most of the opportunities waiting for them online.


ROAS on Google Ads


Stores sustained throughout pandemic


YOY growth 2020-21

Established in 1999, Infinity Motorcycles has provided motorcyclists with gear and accessories from leading manufacturers for over twenty years. Following the temporary closure of their 15 brick and mortar stores during the pandemic, Infinity needed to adapt. Their online activity had to increase as they could no longer depend on previous levels of traffic, conversions and ROAS to hit all their business targets. A new strategy was required, and Loom jumped on the task.

Loom were set an ambitious target revenue, with the additional challenge of improving our return on ad spend. We divided the allocated budget so that we effectively targeted a mix of top of funnel (for brand awareness) and the messy-middle customers. With specific ROAS-focused campaigns in the mix, Loom helped Infinity’s revenue increase dramatically, whilst always being mindful of profit.

Infinity’s PPC & Biddable Media Strategy:

We knew we had to be creative when devising a biddable media strategy, competition is high, targets are ambitious and budgets had to be justified with strong revenue returns. Below is a breakdown of the biddable strategies we used:

  • For Infinity, the ‘Messy Middle’ of the marketing funnel is the dominant space, so much of our activity focused on this. We boosted brand awareness and continued to push Infinity’s ‘Club Infinity’ rewards programme as this contributes heavily to their revenue.
  • Smart Shopping campaigns, making the most of its full funnel approach. We split each campaign into three subsets: ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Catch-All’ and ‘Promos’, with the latter being more aggressive. We adjusted each subset accordingly as we moved further along with our campaigns.
  • We utilised ROAS bidding models as part of Google Ads Smart Bidding, to maximise efficiency of spend.
  • We also ran Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaigns with Infinity’s product pages to capture long-tail search conducted by users in the middle of the funnel.
  • Loom also set up custom audiences for competitor websites for our search and discovery campaigns, ensuring that users searching for specific competitors found Infinity instead.
  • With data on website behaviour and conversions, we layered remarketing audiences – users who previously visited Infinity’s site and abandoned their cart – to continue building brand awareness while encouraging conversions.
  • We also experimented with Video Shopping campaigns, creating short, USP-based videos designed to attract customers in the consideration stage of the marketing funnel. A number of these video ads encouraged sign ups to Club Infinity.

Our Biddable Social Media Strategy:

Loom also concentrated our efforts on Facebook ads, utilising the following Infinity already had to maximise sales. Here’s a rundown of what we did:

  • We utilised both prospecting and remarketing audiences, and broke down ad sets to target users with different interactions – No Purchase or No Content view.
  • We also maximised Lookalike Audiences to target new but similar audiences.
  • Loom transitioned the closure of individual store Facebook pages, creating a combined campaign to promote Infinity’s main FB page. We encouraged users who liked an individual store page to like the main page instead.
  • Throughout the year, we implemented Brand Booster campaigns, which we use to highlight a specific brand on Infinity’s website to reap more sales. These campaigns are based on user interests and likes.
  • Other biddable social campaigns included daily deals over Black Friday and ‘12 Days of Christmas’, building to a larger scale.

Our PPC and Biddable Media campaigns were a great success for Infinity.

  • 1715%+ ROAS for Google Ads to date
  • 4 record-breaking months for revenue from Google Ads in the last 18 months, including breaking £500k in revenue in one month for the first time in March 2021.
  • All 15 stores were sustained throughout the pandemic
  • Their relationships with motorcycle brands strengthened as there was a huge increase in sales.
  • Infinity is now taking on new brand and product ranges.

The Results of Our Facebook Ad Campaigns:

  • Our Facebook strategies also saw some great results.
  • Our 12-day Black Friday Campaign saw an ROAS of 3312%
  • After two weeks, the main Infinity Facebook page resulted in 241 likes.
  • Brand Booster Campaigns resulted in 4402% ROAS
  • Our Dynamic Remarketing Campaign achieved £47k+ in revenue and 3,345% ROAS in the final quarter of the year alone.

“A friendly, relaxed company that ooze confidence in what they do. Loom have played a big part in our online (and in-store) success over the years. Budgets are adhered to, targets are met and ideas are plentiful. I would happily recommend them to anyone that would care to listen.”

– Alan Arnold, Infinity Motorcycles

The team behind it

The Loom team worked closely with the Infinity Motorcycles Online team to generate these results.

Westley Cogan - PPC & Biddable Media Specialist

Wez is the mastermind behind the Google and Microsoft Ads activity, devising a market-leading strategy and optimising the account daily for conversions, ensuring efficient spend.



Alice Fry - Social Media Specialist

Alice runs the biddable social media activity, with support from Matt. Together, they build and run activity on Facebook, generating revenue and driving footfall to stores.


Ellen Stone - Digital Marketing Specialist
Ellen pulls the account together and rallies the team, ensuring that all activity is delivered in line with Infinity’s business goals. She’s supported by Karen, who feeds into the digital marketing strategy.



“I’m very proud of the great results that we delivered across all areas of PPC & biddable media in 2021! Having worked with Infinity Motorcycles for several years, nothing makes me happier than the ability to aid their business growth in the digital space, whilst hitting strong revenue targets.”

– Wez Cogan, Loom Digital

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