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My Week at a Bristol digital marketing agency

At Loom Digital, we pride ourselves on our knowledge-sharing and passion for collaboration, working with many other agencies, designers, and developers.

When Hollie, a sixth form student approached us for work experience, we were really keen to let her into our digital world and share some of our online wisdom. Hollie had a keen interest in business and relished the opportunity to experience an authentic agency environment.  Hollie worked with every member of the team and approached her tasks with enthusiasm, determination and a very high attention to detail.

We gave Hollie a balanced insight into the varied areas of digital marketing, explaining how each marketing channel fits into wider client strategies. Despite a packed schedule, Hollie found time to look back on her week of work experience and shared her perspective on life as a digital marketer.

lavender and office in background

Office Foliage

“At the start of the week I was nervous, unsure of where exactly to go and what I was doing, but I was greeted at the door with a nice warm welcome! Even after just a week I feel like part of the team and haven’t been treated any differently to a regular employee.

I was introduced to the world of digital marketing and learned more about Loom’s role in the industry. This was pretty overwhelming at first!”

We introduced Holly to all areas of our service including PPCwebsite optimisation, technical SEO, content marketing and social media marketing:

“Once the week was underway, I really enjoyed myself and I was able to get a comprehensive understanding of what digital marketing is like. I learned which processes need to be carried out in order to achieve a positive result.

I have learned so much in such a short space of time; from finding out about metadata to CRM Systems as well as learning how a company’s Twitter account works. I even took some cool snapshots for the Loom Instagram page!”

office space

Temple Studios Office Space

Claire worked closely with Hollie during the week:

“We are so pleased to have had Hollie with us. She was able to give us great insights into how she uses Snapchat and Instagram. It’s been a pleasure to have Hollie in the office and we’ve really appreciated all her hard work.”

Hollie enjoyed getting to know agency life too:

“My favourite part has been getting to know office life and the amount of coffee consumption. I enjoyed watching Tom attempt to outdraw Google on its Autodraw experiment. I loved all the good music and the funny office chair dancing.

I’m really grateful to have gained experience in an area I enjoy and hope to go on to complete an apprenticeship in Business. I think it will help with my career.
I don’t think I’ll find a group of people as energetic and friendly as everyone at Loom. Thank you to everyone at Loom for making me feel welcome and part of a team, I’ve really enjoyed myself and got the experience I need!”

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