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Meet Hugh – our newest content Loomie

Hugh Content Writer at Loom Digital

Hugh is an experienced content writer, having written for international charities, digital agencies and a wide variety of publications. Versatile and adaptable, Hugh can help businesses improve their digital presence and create high-quality B2B or B2C content.

Hugh’s career so far

After graduating from the University of Portsmouth, Hugh began writing in a freelance capacity, growing a list of writing credits and gaining experience before starting as a copywriter at an international charity. During this time, he worked on a range of campaigns and projects with a B2B and B2C focus, as well as working directly with the press. He also played a key role in forming the charity’s brand narrative and implementing a cohesive communication style.

Alongside this position, Hugh continued to work as a freelance writer, specialising in travel- and food-related articles, while also gaining experience working for a digital agency on SEO-focused healthcare content.

After transitioning to an editorial role for a peer-reviewed journal, Hugh decided that his experience was ideally suited to helping businesses achieve their digital marketing goals through content delivery.

Producing great content

Hugh will be using his skills and insight with the team at Loom to contribute to digital marketing strategies and further broaden his knowledge of content writing while working with a range of different clients. All copy he creates will align with Google’s best practices and business goals, switching between tones and writing styles as he works on a variety of content.

Hobbies & interests

Outside of writing, Hugh enjoys travelling, particularly around Europe, and discovering new places, cultures and cuisines. When at home, Hugh likes spending time reading fiction and travel literature while (very) gradually learning French. When the weather allows, Hugh also loves getting out into nature and hiking on trails both close to home and further afield.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the talented and friendly team at Loom, as well as developing my digital marketing skills while delivering high-quality content to clients.”


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