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Best Google Extensions for Digital Marketing

Best Google Extensions for Digital Marketing

After a discussion in the office about our favourite Google Chrome Extensions we thought we should share it with the world. If you work in marketing, manage a website or are interested in the health of your website, we’re sure you’ll find these tools really useful.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a web developer or IT whizz to download these extensions. It’s quick and simple. Visit the Google Chrome Extensions store, search for a tool and then simply click the button ‘Add to Chrome’.

They’re all free to install and will be added to your Chrome browser so you can start using them immediately. See, simple.

Here are some of our favourites to get you started.

Check My Links

Check My Links quickly finds all the links on your current webpage and checks whether they are valid or broken. Anything highlighted in red can quickly be sent over to your web developer to fix. Simple as that!

Great for UX

“Broken links are bad for users and they’re bad for SEO too. This plugin makes it super easy to spot broken links on any webpage so that you can fix them. It also tells you how many links you have on a page, which can be a significant factor when looking to improve UX.”Tom

Awesome Screenshot

It’s no surprise that this is the highest-rated screen capture and annotation extension on Chrome. Quickly and easily capture any part of your screen and add annotations, comments and blur sensitive information.


Select colour values at the click of a button. If you’ve ever worked on a graphic and need the brand colours but don’t have the colour codes then this is the extension for you.

Great for making graphics

“I can’t believe how much time I used to waste screenshot’ing and dissecting images in Photoshop to find colour values. My favourite extension so far!”Vicky

Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant is a great tool to check that Google Tags have been implemented correctly. Navigate to any page and the extension will highlight any errors, including issues with the implementation of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more.

Great for development and reporting

Google Tag Manager

GA Opt Out

Don’t distort your statistics by including your own in-office traffic. This plugin blocks your browsing data from being sent to Google Analytics, meaning the traffic and browsing behaviour you present in your reports is genuine.

Great for reporting

“GA Opt Out discounts our traffic in Google Analytics. This means that we can work on our client sites without skewing their stats.”Karen

Google Similar Pages

This extension does exactly what it says on the tin and finds similar webpages to the one you are currently looking at. It’s a great tool for doing competitor research and is really user friendly.

Great for competitor research

Google Similar Pages

Ayima Page Insights

This extension flags up common SEO and technical issues on the web page you’re browsing. Marked from green to red depending on severity, you can quickly identify and fix any issues on your site.

Great for SEO

“The Ayima plugin is fantastic for monitoring the health of your website. I use it a few times a month to get a quick overview of the main website pages for each of my clients.”Claire


Momentum transforms your new page to the most attractive and holistic day planner we’ve ever seen. Set your daily tasks and be inspired by a motivational quote and calming photo every time you open a new tab. Procrastination be gone!

Great for organising your workload

momentum google extension


Uncover the technology used on websites. This is the Sherlock Holmes of Google Extensions and can reveal the content management system, marketing automation, JavaScript frameworks, analytics tools and much much more!

Great for research

“It’s always useful to know what platform websites are built on, especially when you’re looking at new client’s websites. It gives you an idea of how you might work on the site going forward.

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