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Get actionable, strategic insights into your account that will improve performance, efficiency and ROAS.

Over time, a PPC or biddable media account can become inefficient, this can be due to limited resources, new paid features available and increased offerings, making it difficult and time consuming to manage. Our PPC audits remove the headache that often comes with paid media campaigns. Our experts are here to provide that extra support your in-house PPC manager needs, ensuring you maximise your budget and see a strong return on ad spend (ROAS). 

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The benefits of a PPC audit with Loom

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We’ve helped our clients maximise the benefits of their PPC campaigns, smashing targets and making a real difference for their businesses. Below are just a few benefits of Loom’s PPC audits:

  • Reduce wasted spend, improve the quality of leads and boost the efficiency of your shopping feed, bolstering your ROAS.
  • Improve quality scores and bring down CPCs.
  • Ensure your account meets best practices to maximise the effictiveness of your campaigns. .
  • Identify gaps in ad creatives, including ad extensions and assets to ensure you get maximum visibility
  • Achieve a better position against your competitors and increase your business’ market share
  • Level up the expertise of your in-house team by upskilling them throughout the process
  • Enjoy benefits of working with an experienced PPC & Biddable Media expert, without the monthly management costs
  • On-hand support on digital strategy and one-off issues.

Loom’s PPC consultancy service

To fully improve your paid media campaigns, we break down our approach into four main areas:

  1. Paid Search channels – Google Ads and Microsoft Ads 
  2. Social Ads, including Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter) and LinkedIn
  3. Onsite recommendations, including a website technical health check and UX suggestions
  4. Tracking and Google Analytics recommendations

Stage 1 – our Google Ads audit

We’ll start with a kick-off meeting to learn more about your business goals, as well as your current struggles and state of your account. Our experts blend industry expertise with a data deepdive to create a successful and tailored PPC strategy.

The key elements of our PPC & Biddable Social audit includes:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Lead tracking via Google Analytics 
  • Review targeting, keywords, match types, extensions, ad types and creatives
  • Identifying areas of wasted ad spend
  • Ensure your account adheres to platform best practices
  • aAd formats and campaign type suggestions
  • Suggested landing page optimisations
  • Shopping feed optimisation

Once we’ve gathered our findings and have a strategy designed to enhance your account, we’ll present these to you in a simple, comprehensive manner. We get excited about the opportunities we find in our clients’ biddable media accounts, and we want you to feel the same way. 

Our findings will be ordered by high, medium and low priority, and we’ll be on-hand to answer any questions. 

Stage 2 (optional) – Loom to rebuild using all our suggestions

We can rebuild your account as per our audit, followed by a handover meeting. This is where we talk through our changes and upskill your current in-house team on how best to manage the account going forwards. 

We’ll answer any questions you may have, ensuring that you’re supported 100% of the way. 

Stage 3 (optional) – Quarterly consultancy check-ins

Some clients find it beneficial to keep this consultation going on a monthly or quarterly basis. This consists of regular check-ins with our PPC & Biddable experts to make sure that the accounts remain healthy.We’ll help identify new opportunities and that keep you updated on new best practices, ensuring that they are adhered to -all whilst supporting your in-house team.

Why choose Loom for your PPC & paid social audit?

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We’ve specialised in biddable media channels for over a decade. Starting out as a specialist search agency in 2009, weaving in PPC and Biddable Media strategies as the industry have evolved over the years. .

  • Our proven track record means that Loom is a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Ads Partner.
  • Our team is constantly staying ahead of the curve. We proactively implement new features and betas from Google, Microsoft Ads and Facebook to keep you ahead of your competition, making sure we hit your targets and goals.
  • Our team have over 45 years of experience across multiple industries and verticals.
  • Because it’s entirely measurable,our suggestions are data-driven .
  • Our speciality in integrated digital marketing means that we know how to get your paid channels working the best together to get the most from your investment.
  • We work with your internal team to ensure you get the best from our consultancy services. 

Browse our case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients exceed targets and supported their business growth. 

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