Stage Depot

Supercharging Revenue with Feed Optimisation

The Project

After a couple of tough years in the theatre and entertainment industry, Stage Depot were looking to take advantage of the industry recovering back to near pre-pandemic levels. Instead of recovering to 2019 levels, they already had their best year as a business before November had even started.


increase in website traffic


increase in Google Ads revenue


ROAS - an increase of 48%!

Stage Depot provides theatres, clubs, universities and theme parks with lighting, rigging and special effects equipment. Like many other businesses in the entertainment industry, they experienced the impact of the pandemic and were keen to get back to pre-pandemic levels, especially now as the industry is making a return. 

Loom began working with Stage Depot in 2022. Our PPC wizard Sam took to the challenge, working to broaden reach and increase clicks which then led to better traffic and more revenue. 

Loom’s PPC strategy for Stage Depot

  • Restructured and rebuilt most of their Google Ads activity over the course of the past year, paying particular attention to feed optimisations. This is a slightly more strategic approach to increase site traffic, and it allowed us to use the feed in creative ways –  not just for Shopping and Performance Max campaigns, but also for search.
  • Segmented campaigns based on product profit margin and whether or not they sold in the last 90 days.
  • Used the shopping feed to create a dynamic list of in stock products and their URLs, so we could create a Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaign which we then segmented by brand. 
  • Expanded our search activity with campaigns focused around specific brands and product ranges
  • Created a ‘best seller’ campaign which allowed us to focus on products with high conversion rates. 

The results of our PPC campaigns

After giving their Google Ads a makeover, Stage Depot saw:

  • A record breaking year for online sales, making it the best year they’ve had as a business!
  • Revenue is up 157% from Google Ads 
  • An 48% increase in ROAS, which is now at 775%

“Sam, Marco, and the whole Loom team have worked hard to fully understand our business needs, building comprehensive PPC campaigns and expertly advising on SEO priorities. The in-depth knowledge and understanding of our business has made Loom a key resource to Stage Depot, and they are always a true pleasure to work with.”

Richard Smart
Stage Depot

Meet the Loomies making Stage Depot’s account soar

  • Sam Gosling is the biddable media mastermind for Stage Depot. He likes to experiment with his clients’ accounts to find intricate strategies that work just for them. Working closely with their team, he’s been taking their Ads account to new heights and putting a spotlight on their products. 
  • Marco Morelli also works with Stage Depot, supercharging their SEO to ensure their site is up to scratch and bringing in plenty of organic traffic. 

“The past few years have been tough on the entertainment industry so we tried to do all we could to get Stage Depot back up to where they were pre-pandemic. They also did a great job of diversifying their product offering which meant we could keep things ticking along while we waited for everything to open back up again. When schools, theatres and music venues eventually reopened, Stage Depot was in a great position to capitalise on the pent up demand that we saw throughout 2022.” – Sam

Loom Digital

Put your business in the spotlight with Loom Digital

Over the years we’ve been helping businesses boost their traffic and revenue with a variety of bespoke PPC, SEO and Content strategies. Stage Depot’s fantastic results are just one example of what we can do. Return to our case studies page to see what our other Loomies have been up to. 

If you feel your online presence is less than ideal, or your Google Ads accounts need some TLC, then our team is here to help. Get in touch to see what we can do for your business.