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Introducing Romy Gwilym: Loom’s Newest PPC & Biddable Media Manager

We’re excited to announce that a new Loomie has joined the team! Romy Gwilym has come on board as Loom’s newest PPC and Biddable Media Manager. 

With 5 years experience in paid media, Romy will be bolstering Loom’s wider Biddable Media team, supporting our clients across their PPC and Biddable social accounts.  

After studying marketing and branding at university, Romy decided to explore the digital side of the industry, getting stuck into PPC and digital media buying. Since starting her career in 2015, Romy has mastered an impressive suite of Biddable Media platforms, working with a multitude of different clients along the way. With experience in everything from start-ups to large international Brands, Romy has the insights and skill to help any business reach their Biddable Media goals. 

Romy is confident working in any business sector and has ample experience working on both B2B and B2C accounts. Whether the focus is revenue, lead gen, engagement or brand awareness, she always finds creative ways to deliver the best results possible for her clients. And, while she enjoys all challenges, she will admit she has a soft spot for eCommerce accounts. 

Romy’s superpower is a special knack for data analysis. She feels most at home when exploring data in Google Analytics, Facebook Attribution and competitor research platforms, and thrives on making creative, data-informed decisions. She’s also played an active role in many clients’ LinkedIn accounts and has been a part of the LinkedIn specialist team in her previous role. 

When she’s not working, Romy loves getting out on her bike, travelling as much as she can, and enjoys experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. And, anyone who knows her well will also know she’s very fond of beer.

“I’m very excited to be a joining such a wonderful team of supportive and skilled people, picking up some tricks along the way and getting stuck into my new client accounts”

Romy Gwilym – PPC & Biddable Media Manager

“We’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming Romy to the Loom Team. I have no doubt that her experience and data-focussed approach to Biddable media will be a huge asset to our clients’ accounts.”

Tommy Pearson, Head of PPC

We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Romy on board! If you have any questions for Romy, shoot her an email at Romy@loomdigital.co.uk.

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