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Introducing our newest Loomie – Daniel Walpole

Daniel Walpole PPC & Biddable Media Expert at Loom Digital

We’re excited to introduce Daniel, the latest Loomie to join the team. He has worked across an array of marketing positions including agencies, in-house teams and freelance marketing contractor projects. During this time he has done a range of biddable and organic digital marketing tasks and has grown his depth of knowledge and understanding.

Career History

Daniel’s first introduction to digital marketing was a PPC position as part of his sandwich-year degree, where he spent his time building and maintaining PPC campaigns for SMEs from a wide range of industries. This year proved to spark a real interest in the industry, and since graduating, Daniel has taken on work that has allowed him to explore the full reach of digital marketing.

During Daniel’s previous role, he was tasked with heading the marketing for many charity fundraising campaigns. These campaigns brought the client great success and exceeded their fundraising goals, which were done using purely organic media and within a limited time frame. The success of these campaigns led to him taking control of the majority of outreach across all of the business’s social media channels, allowing him to unify the voice of the brand while promoting regular events and groups hosted by the charity.

Producing great content

Daniel is excited to hit the ground running at Loom, utilising his knowledge and skills and helping to grow the PPC & Biddable Media team. He’s also keen to further his understanding of digital marketing strategies.

Hobbies and Interests

When Daniel is outside of work, he enjoys spending his time going to festivals and concerts and getting down and dancing. And when he’s too tired from said dancing, Daniel enjoys reading and spending as much time outside as possible – weather permitting that is!

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