Romy Gwilym

PPC & Biddable Media

  • PPC & Biddable Media
  • Data & Analytics
  • Digital Strategy
  • Client Services

Romy is a highly experienced Biddable Media Manager and has been with Loom since September 2020. 

Since starting her career in 2015, Romy has mastered an impressive suite of biddable media platforms, working with a multitude of different clients along the way. From start-ups to large international Brands, Romy has the experience and skill to help any business reach their biddable media goals. 

Romy is confident in working on any business sector. Whether the focus is revenue, lead generation, engagement or awareness, she always finds a creative way to deliver the best results possible. She also has a serious love for the world of eCommerce.

100% performance-driven, Romy’s superpower is a special knack for data analysis. She feels most at home when exploring data in Google Analytics, Facebook Attribution and competitor research platforms, and thrives on making creative, data-informed decisions.

Outside of work, Romy enjoys sewing, is an avid traveller and loves to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen. She’s also very fond of beer.

  • Microsoft Advertising Accredited

  • Google Video Qualified

  • Google Shopping Qualified

  • Google Display Qualified

  • Google Search Qualified

  • Google Analytics IQ Qualified