Matt Cooper

  • Client Services
  • Data & Analytics
  • PPC & Biddable Media

Matt is an experienced PPC & biddable media account manager. He has always operated in a dynamic agency environment which has helped him develop his skillset quickly and adapt to each individual client’s needs.

His background has seen him work with a diverse range of businesses, from small startups to large transnationals. He has experience working within multiple different ad platforms in order to achieve both B2B and B2C objectives.

Matt understands that each client and business is different and that there is never a ‘one size fits all’ strategy when it comes to PPC. He loves to test and trial account actions whilst scrutinising data in order to achieve the best possible results. Matt strongly believes that all accounts have the potential to scale-up to achieve better results and to grow businesses’ digital presence.

Other than being obsessed with paid media, Matt is a keen runner and football fan, amongst other sports. He is also partial to a tasty IPA.

Matt Cooper Paid Media Specialist at Loom Digital