Daniel Walpole

PPC & Biddable Media

Having worked in both agency and in-house digital marketing, Daniel much prefers the dynamic and ever changing environment that can be found in an agency. His experience spans across a range of clients, all varying in size and industry, and is excited to bring this knowledge to Loom.

Daniel’s experience has come from an array of businesses, allowing him to grow his knowledge of digital marketing in a dynamic environment. With his first experience of digital marketing being campaign building and management for both Google and Microsoft Ads, he has since become increasingly aware of the importance of a multichannel approach to really amplify the effectiveness of any given marketing strategy.

Daniel is always looking for new techniques to better improve ongoing marketing campaigns, and utilising his past experience to design  a campaign that yields the best results for the given business. 

When outside of work Daniel loves going out to see live music wherever possible, and enjoys a little boogie too. He also loves being outside in nature whether it be walks, camping or lounging in a beer garden.