Alex Instone

  • Client Services
  • Data & Analytics
  • PPC & Biddable Media

Alex originally started working in PPC in 2018, working for gig promoters primarily using Facebook Ads to sell tickets. He then moved on to working in the agency world in 2021, where he worked with a range of clients from homeware to snack box subscriptions and educational teaching apps, which taught him how to use his digital marketing skills in new areas.

Alex enjoys devising a cohesive strategy across multiple platforms to meet clients’ aims and objectives. This involves creating the overall strategy as well as getting into the granular data, providing recommendations on ad creative. He loves introducing clients to new platforms that will benefit their aims while reassuring and educating them on how best to use them.

In his free time he enjoys writing and producing indie rock music, getting through his list of must-see movies and trying out new restaurants in Bristol.

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