Create Your Nest - Using Pinterest During the Pandemic

We used Pinterest to help our client achieve more visibility just when they needed it - during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.


increase in Pinterest pin impressions


increase in Pinterest pin engagements


increase in Pinterest engaged audience

Why did we use Pinterest for Create Your Nest?

Create Your Nest is a specialist kitchen company based in Bristol. We work with them to help generate kitchen remodelling enquiries. After running successful PPC campaigns and generating steady lead levels, we turned to organic Pinterest activity to expand our audience targeting.

Since the pandemic started, Pinterest announced that it’s received 49 million new users globally. For Create Your Nest, this offered more exposure opportunities than ever, especially as Pinterest is the optimal platform for people in a “planning” or “inspiration” mindset.

We also anticipated that the pandemic would cause more people to spend time in their kitchens, leading to more searches around kitchen design. As Pinterest reports that the average lifespan for a pin was 105 days, we predicted that even a small amount of strategic activity during this key time would have a long-lasting impact.

monthly active users pinterest
Source (Social Media Today)

What did we do?

As we didn’t know how long the surge in Pinterest users was going to last, we chose to prioritise what would have the best impact on Create Your Nest’s Pinterest presence in the shortest time possible. We decided to create: 

  • New naming structures for all Pinterest boards to make it clear which were inspiration focused and which were Create Your Nest’s portfolios
  • Tidied up boards with new descriptions and categories making them more discoverable
  • Two new boards based on kitchens that Nest have produced, with around 20 pins each. 
    • One board focussed on industrial style kitchens due to the high search volume we saw for this area
    • The pins focussed on different aspects, such as kitchen features, building features, bristol based or comments from the owner
  • Two new inspiration boards about Colour Schemes and Worktops – as they are two areas that most people focus on when creating their kitchens. 

We also worked to ensure the account was validated by Pinterest, promoting authority and trust. 

The results 

After the Pinterest project was complete, in the month after compared to the month before we saw:

    • 70% increase in impressions 
    • 104% increase in total audience (the total number of people who have seen or engaged with your pins)
    • 306% increase in engagements 
    • 533% increase in engaged audiences (the total number of people who engage with your pins)
    • 100% increase in website traffic from Pinterest

These results helped ensure that Create Your Nest was more visible to potential customers during what was an extremely volatile time in business.

We were really happy with the results of this project and excited to grow our brand further across different platforms” – Chris Warbey, Create Your Nest