LinkedIn Ads result in quality conversions for niche SaaS company EventStoreDB

Loom worked with Event Store, the company behind EventStoreDB - an open-source state-transition database for building event-sourced software applications, to boost lead generation, registrations and sign-ups through targeted marketing on LinkedIn.

The Project

EventStoreDB is an open-source state-transition database built for Event Sourcing, providing a permanent, unchangeable log of all the transitions a business’s data has gone through. In 2021, they approached Loom to help them increase lead generation, webinar registrations and training sign-ups for key audiences.

Using LinkedIn, Loom was able to target two specific groups that Event Store  was looking to reach, developers who directly use the product and CTOs who have buying power, in a variety of relevant sectors. This was supported by other campaigns using a range of insights that combined to create a full-funnel approach.


increase in clicks year on year


YoY cost per click reduction



Loom’s biddable media strategy for Event Store

We used LinkedIn as the backbone of this strategy as it offered unparalleled access to the role-specific groups that represent Event Store’s target audiences. The ability to target specific sectors and job roles meant that we were able to reach valuable audiences which translated into impressive results, reflecting a huge increase in clicks and conversions.

  • Using two LinkedIn campaigns tailored to Event Store’s specific key groups, we were able to adjust the messaging for each and encourage each to take action. For developers who would be using the product directly, we promoted the technology and the practical advantages of using the platform. When targeting CTOs, we concentrated on driving a high-level business decision.
  • We also ran a number of other campaigns that were segmented using different methods of audience targeting, including Hubspot Audiences, Google Remarketing Audiences, Insight Tag remarketing audiences and sector-specific targeting.
  • We utilised this wide range of different audience insights and data to create a full-funnel approach that meant we could target users at different stages, based on previous behaviour or interests, and tailor our approach to where they were in the funnel.
  • We used a range of assets and messaging specific to each service and sector.
  • We also ran supporting activity on Google Display with the same objectives to reach an even wider group of relevant leads.

The results of our LinkedIn Ads campaigns

As a result of this tailored, highly specific approach, our LinkedIn Ads have delivered impressive results for Event Store:

  • 3,000 clicks on LinkedIn ads, reflecting a 770% increase year on year
  • 323 conversions, representing sign-ups and downloads through the website
  • 70,000 ad impressions
  • An average cost per click of £6.18, a decrease of 33% year on year

“Event Store has had a rapid amount of growth over the last few years. Matt and the team at Loom have been amazing at being agile with our change in plans and have work closely with us to ensure we get the best results. At the beginning of 2023 we went through a restructure of our digital paid strategy. Matt ensured we had in-person meetings and contact to get this delivered exactly how we wanted it. We are now seeing excellent results from this new strategy! We look forward to our continued partnership with Matt and the Loom team.” Natasha, Event Store

The Event Store Loom team

The team worked closely with Event Store to help them drive leads and reduce the CPC.
Matt - PPC & Biddable MediaMatt is a pro at using data to drive successful campaigns. By understanding and developing strategies to target Event Store’s hyper-specific audiences, Matt was able to deliver meaningful results and conversions.

“Being able to use Linkedin’s specific level of targeting around job roles, sectors and company industries gives us a unique opportunity to target the right companies and the right people at those companies. Having the ability to integrate Hubspot audiences provided the campaigns with invaluable insights.” Matt, biddable manager

PPC and Biddable Media campaigns from Loom

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