Content takes centre stage with 20 Bedford Way

20 Bedford Way is a London event venue and theatre for hire. Loom Digital has managed its digital marketing including content, social and SEO since 2014.


Overall pageviews since January 2019


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The priority area for the business is evening and weekend bookings of their flagship 900+ seater theatre Logan Hall. One area that we identified for potential growth was theatre hire from theatre groups.

Loom started by doing some qualitative audience research into independent theatre groups who might be looking for a London performance venue to hire. We discovered that many were struggling to get funding for their projects. Although there was some information online about theatre funding, it wasn’t in one place and rarely kept up to date. We saw this as a gap in the market and a chance to add real value.

We carried out extensive research around the questions people were asking about funding. This included keyword research around this specific search intent. When combined, this allowed us to structure an article that would add real value to those looking to finance their theatre productions and potentially need an affordable theatre space to hire.

Due to the thoroughness of the research and the quality of the final article, search engines understood and appreciated the value of the content and the user search intent it served.

The results since go-live have been impressive. 31K+ pageviews; 27.5K+ were first time entrances to the site via organic and social. None of this traffic was Paid or Biddable. We’ve received good engagement across social platforms. It was independently posted on Facebook and the post received 25 shares and over 90 likes.

The initial investment of time into the ideation, research and writing of the piece has reaped huge rewards for the business.

“Well researched and optimised evergreen content can deliver huge lifetime value to a client. This piece has really positive engagement on social channels that shows it has been a powerful resource to our target audience. The organic traffic demonstrates that we got the optimisation and value right for search engines.”
Tom Spooner, Head of Client Strategy