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Work Experience Diary: Life as a Digital Marketer

Work Experience Diary: Life as a Digital Marketer

At Loom, we’re always keen to share our passion for digital marketing. Just ask our family and friends! So, when secondary school student Naomi approached us looking to experience life as a digital marketer, we were more than happy to oblige.

We didn’t sugar-coat the work experience. For the five days that she was with us, Naomi was going to be part of the team: that meant the work was going to be super varied and demanding. She would have to embrace her creativity at every opportunity too.

Thankfully, Naomi was up for the challenge. She joined in with the team at every opportunity. From brainstorming ideas to designing graphics to researching content ideas and attending client meetings, she tackled each task head-on.

Our Head of Client Strategy Karen worked closely with Naomi throughout the week. She said: “Naomi was a pleasure to work with. She was efficient, capable and embraced every challenge with enthusiasm.”

Along the way, we gave Naomi insight into how Loom use online marketing and how each channel fitted into an overall strategy. We covered the role of content marketing, online PR, SEO, PPC, and social media, demonstrating how they all combine together to transform businesses online.

Naomi survived the week and even found the energy at the end to write a small piece on her time at Loom:

“At the beginning of this week (as I’m sure many would be) I was nervous about starting my placement at Loom. Mainly the nerves were down to the fact that I was going into a completely new place with new people and new routines that I wasn’t yet aware of. As I said, wouldn’t most people be at least slightly nervous?

However, when I walked into the Loom office and was greeted warmly by everyone I instantly began to relax.

Straightaway I was set a task and given my own space in the office where I would spend my week. The office itself is very light and airy – a good environment to work in.

One of the highlights from my week at Loom was the opportunity to be creative every day. The fact that my creativity wasn’t restricted by too many guidelines made this even better.

The other highlight had to be how kind and welcoming everyone was towards me. I always felt included as part of the office and felt as if everybody wanted to give me opportunities to experience what it was like to work in this environment.

This week has definitely given me an insight into how work differs from school. It’s also allowed me to experience doing something which I never had before, which was really interesting and useful. I have definitely learned a lot this week, both about marketing and about work life in general.”

If you are interested in online marketing and being part of a passionate and experienced team then find out more on our Jobs age. We are always on the lookout for talented marketers to join our team.

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