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Loom turns Six


It’s our birthday! Today we turn six, and what a year it’s been…

Firstly we had the big move to Stokes Croft. We’re now fully settled in our new home complete with makeshift ping-pong table.

We’ve had the pleasure of continuing to work with many of our amazing clients, as well as the opportunities to work with many exciting new ones too. We’ve done some work we’re really proud of that has generated some great results for our clients, including our guide on How to Organise A Charity Dinner Date with Senate House, our piece on Groups and Activities for Older People in Brighton and Hove for BBC Law, and an insightful delve into the world of Encryption, Algorithms & Security Protocols for Forrest Brown.

As well as creating exciting content for our clients, we’ve also been working on some great pieces of our own. In the last month alone, we’ve shared our insights into Common SEO ErrorsBloggger Outreach and the Power of Creative Online Marketing for Plateauing Businesses.

This was also the year we took the time to revisit some of the core values of our business (many of which still hold true), and embarked on creating our hot new brand and website. Our refresh not only consolidates our learnings from the past five years, it serves as a blueprint going forward, truly representing our thinking as an agency.

digirank team birthday celebrations

So, what’s in store now we’re six?

It’s quite simple. We’ll be building on our new brand, whilst continuing to help our clients build theirs. This means when we’re not busy working with our clients, six is the year we really start to grown our own, and continue to create insightful and valuable content for our clients and the digital community.

Six is so much better than five. Now pass the cake.

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