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Loom Completes the Bristol 10k!

Through the haze of winter bloat and the piles of biscuits that seems to perpetually surround us here at Loom, we plucked up the courage to get our running shoes on, get out there and get training for what was to be the team’s second consecutive Bristol 10k.

Run Bristol hold the Bristol 10k in May every year – with thousands of locals and visitors alike signing up to stretch their legs and test themselves in one of the South West’s premier running events. This year, there were an amazing 11,500 people taking part.

It was 9am on a Sunday morning. We had a photo taken before the race. The results of said photo are there for all to see – we were putting on brave faces but the conditions at the time weren’t exactly ideal.

bristol 10k digirank

On what was a pretty wet and windy morning, we met at the bottom of Park Street with a feeling of trepidation. We’d been training and running for some time, and the thought of taking part in an event which formed the culmination of our hard work over the past few months was enough to keep us on our toes.

The atmosphere at the event was excellent. Wind, rain or shine you got the impression people would turn out smiling and happy. Of course, everyone was running for the cause or charity that meant the most to them. Money had been raised for worthwhile causes, and the sense of achievement was clear to see, even before the race had begun.

Loom chose to raise money for two appeals close to our hearts. St Peter’s Hospice provide respite and care for adults with limiting illnesses in Bristol, and the Save the Children in Syria appeal also carry out fantastic work for children in one of the most hostile places on earth.

In total we raised more than £900! 

Lots of love and thanks to those who donated. It really does mean a lot to us.

The race itself was a lot of fun. The sun decided to come out, and the route around Bristol Harbour past the SS Great Britain, down the Portway and under the Clifton Suspension Bridge made everyone happy they were running in one of the UK’s best cities. Here’s a picture from the runner’s village after we’d all finished!

Team Loom were pleased with their times – and with new runners this year, who knows what next year or the next race will bring? Tom led the way with a blistering 52 minutes – and there’s even talk amongst the ranks of completing the Bristol Half Marathon in September.

Of course, we would love to keep the momentum going, and we’d love the ability to keep raising money for our chosen charities. We can still raise money via our Virgin Money account – if you even have a small amount to put towards these fantastic causes then we would greatly appreciate it.

Donating is one way of spurring Team Loom into action again for our next run. We all thoroughly enjoyed the 10k and will look forward to the next challenge!

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