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iOS 14 Tracking Updates for Facebook – What it Means For Your adverts

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You may have recently heard about some upcoming changes to Facebook Ads when Apple releases iOS 14 in Spring 2021.

We wanted to make sure you understand the implications of the changes and what it means for paid Facebook campaigns in the future.

Opting-in to become the norm

Apple announced in September 2020 that iOS14 will force app developers to ask for permission to track users for ad targeting. App Tracking Transparency (ATT) requires all iOS 14 users to opt-in rather than just assuming consent, meaning that there is likely going to be a large decline in data from Apple devices in the coming weeks and months.

These implications are due to hit Facebook Ads the most as they will reduce the data that they can collect on a user’s onsite behaviour, such as add to cart, sign-ups and purchases, as well as the creation of remarketing lists.

No change in Facebook’s off the shelf audiences

There will be no change in the ability to target users based on their interests, demographics or data held by Facebook themselves. Apple’s ATT, therefore, means that ad results within Facebook Business Manager will likely see a decreased performance in terms of both conversions and the sizes of audience lists. 

It is important to remember that this only affects iOS14 users, and so desktop and non-Apple operating system users will be unaffected. There are a few updates that Facebook has made to react to ATT. While the changes are unavoidable, we can still prepare accounts effectively for the switch.

How Loom can help you mitigate reporting issues

To mitigate any upcoming issues, these are the things that Loom can work with you to do:

  • Collect your historic data from Facebook and keep it saved elsewhere to make sure you have a bank of data to return to analyse for future campaigns.
  • Update any account rules based on a 28-day attribution window, and update them to the recommended 7-day window to minimise any impact on your spend or results.
  • Verify your domain with Facebook as soon as possible to ensure your pixel data transition is as seamless as possible here.
  • Reduce the number of conversions within your account to 8 events, the new maximum allowed by the system.
  • Remember that this only impacts iOS14 users and the adoption rate of opt-outs are not yet known. We will monitor the data drop-offs once the changes are live.

This is a strong move by Apple that will definitely change the way that apps and marketing platforms function in future. It gives users more control of their privacy which can only be a good thing.

For more information, you can read both news articles from each source – apple here, and facebook here.

If you do have any questions on these changes, then get in touch. One of our Biddable media team will get in touch with you

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