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How To Make The Most of Black Friday 2020

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Each year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer businesses like yours the opportunity to generate a sharp boost in revenue and profits. For some, it can even help achieve your year-end targets.

But in 2020, Black Friday needs to offer far more than just a boost. For many, it represents a chance of financial recovery after an economically turbulent year. And, as we enter another national lockdown, it’s more important than ever to be aware of digital.

If you’re hoping to benefit from the Black Friday weekend this year, this article is for you. We discuss how the global pandemic has changed everything from digital marketing strategies to how consumers buy things. We’ll also talk you through three crucial tips that will help your business make the most of Black Friday 2020. 

Online Black Friday 2020 is set to be biggest on record 

Online Black Friday 2020 is set to be biggest on record 

We know from changes in consumer behaviour over the year that fewer people will be able or willing to shop in stores during the pandemic and this year Black Friday falls during a national lockdown. That means that online sales are set to become the only driver of Black Friday success. 

For those investing in digital marketing, this presents an excellent opportunity to connect with more customers online.

How Black Friday performs might also be a key indicator of how your online Christmas sales will pan out this year, too. You can even refine your strategy for the last sales push of the year.

Adapting your Black Friday Online Strategy 

Despite strong forecasted sales for this year’s online Black Friday weekend, the overall uncertainty and turbulence of the economic climate means it’s difficult to plan a fool proof Black Friday digital marketing strategy. After all, no one knows exactly how it will play out, or what might change.

Unlike previous years, there’s no historic data or trends to fall back on that mirror the unique situation of 2020. We do have data from the first lockdown, however things are slightly different this time around. 

But there are some things you can do to help you tackle Black Friday 2020 in the most effective way possible. 

Preparing Your Black Friday Strategy 2020

At Loom Digital, we’ve done a lot of research when it comes to planning our client’s Black Friday strategies. We’ve concluded that the secret to surviving Black Friday 2020 is to be both reactive and proactive. 

Reactive planning is crucial right now. With the ever-changing rules and restrictions around Covid-19, you need to be able to pivot and change as quickly as possible over such a short time period. 

However, proactive planning is equally important – you need to ensure your brand and service can evolve with the situation and put processes in place to help you pivot if you need to.

With these two rules in mind, we’ve pulled together our top three tips for getting the best out of Black Friday 2020 and the coming holiday season in these unprecedented times (…we couldn’t write a covid article without using that word, could we?!). 

Tip 1:  Plan For Uncertainty

Plan plan & plan. This may seem difficult given the uncertainty that we’re currently facing, but you need to plan for various potential scenarios this Black Friday.

Think of it as pre-mortem project planning. Consider everything that could go wrong, or that could disrupt the weekend and plan for it. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a list of processes that read like: “If X happens, we will need to do Y”

This “pre-mortem planning” will become even more important when you look further ahead to Christmas, too. 

If you’re an E-commerce brand, you should also make sure you have your  supply chains and order fulfillments well planned and monitored to ensure you’ll have no stock issues.  

Tip 2: Help your Customers Shop With Confidence

There’s enough uncertainty in the world right now without your brand adding to it. So, this Black Friday, make sure your customer’s interaction with your business is as seamless and as smooth as it can possibly be. This will be crucial when it comes to a customer choosing to buy with you.

Email communication is key for this. And, the great thing is that it’s often low cost or free, and easy to automate. 

Use an email programme (like Hubspot) to let your customers know when their delivery is being packaged up and when it’s been sent. When the order is completed, follow up with an email asking for feedback. This will get you reviews that you can use to improve trust in your brand when the Christmas rush hits. 

Also, try to add a touch of personalisation with your customer  communication – this goes a long way! 

And most importantly: Always be as accommodating and as kind as you can be. Around the world, people are having a tough time right now. Be that brand that gives someone a gift voucher despite them being outside their returns period – not the brand who seems to only be looking out for their own interests.

Tip 3: Trust the data and make changes 

Trends are changing faster than ever right now and the only way you can really be reactive and make informed decisions is to follow the data.

With digital marketing, we can see trends unfold daily and make reactive decisions based on the results. Make sure you’re spending time in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google trends and Google Search Console and keep an eye out for any developing trends. This might be certain wording in your ads, certain times of the day where people are most active on your site – etc etc. 

Also remember to look at the wider data too from other sources, such as COVID-19 cases and regulation changes that might impact your business. 

Use this data to be proactive and make sure that you’re ahead of the curve instead of running to keep up over the next couple of months.

Help with Black Friday & Christmas Digital Marketing

At Loom, we have been working closely with our clients to ensure we’re fully prepared for Black Friday. Combining our close monitoring and their business insights,  we can make the best decisions for their business this Black Friday – we can help you too.

Contact us to talk about how we can work with you during these uncertain times. Get in touch with our team today. Email us at hello@loomdigital.co.uk or call us on 0117 923 2021.

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