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A Cutt Above The Rest: A Guide to the Evolving Fashions of Matt Cutts

A Cutt Above The Rest: A Guide to the Evolving Fashions of Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is no Lady Gaga. Nor is he a flamboyant fashionista like Liberace. David Beckham, he ain’t. If truth be told, Matt Cutts fashion sense has been characterised by a dullness beyond that of the proverbial dishwater. His style is more late night dogwalk than Paris catwalk.

Admittedly Matt Cutts does not need his clothing to make statements. As the former head of Google’s Webspam team, it was his opinions that were of primary importance. The fact he chooses to adorn his geek physique in plain tones, sticking to T-shirts and polo shirts with a near obsessive devotion, mean that his wise words always take centre stage.

There are two items that dominate Matt’s wardrobe – polo shirts and T-shirts. The colours are not garish, but understated hues that sit somewhere between geek-chic and Asda-price. They very rarely feature any detailing, but occasionally a small embroidered logo or a cartoon animal corresponding with one of the Google algorithmic updates will slip through.

Matt Cutts and his T-Shirts

Matt Cutt fashion

Matt Cutts and his Polo Shirts

Matt Cutts seo Polo Shirt

As you can see, if variety was the spice of life, Matt Cutts would be a shriveled stick of cinnamon lurking flavourless and fusty at the back of a kitchen cupboard.

Chief writer for fashion search engine Style In View Amy Lavelle is underwhelmed by Matt’s choices:

“Cutts is sporting some of the most unimaginative outfits possible. Did those polo shirts come from a pack of 12? Surely he can do better than varying shades of khaki, bruise and bland?”

And now for something completely different…

Well, Matt Cutts did do better. On a quiet Monday, much like any other Monday,  a video emerged on Google Webmaster Help Youtube channel that changed everything. At first there were rumours that it was a spoof, another digitally doctored parody of the Google head honcho, a Photoshopped fake. ‘That couldn’t be Matt Cutts wearing that Tee? Surely not!’ – the Internet cried.

It has since been independently verified that Matt Cutts was indeed sporting a psychedelic orange tie-dye T-shirt in his latest video. Colour had burst into Cutts’ life like an explosion in a Skittle factory. The question remains – did someone spike his drink at the last Google convention or is Matt Cutts finally embracing fashion?

Matt Cutts clothes

Psychedelic Matt Cutts


Matt’s confident choice is very much en vogue. Fashion trend bloggers WhoWhatWear recently reported –

“Tie-dye—the official print of psychedelic music and hippie stereotypes—is stepping away from its patchouli associations and suddenly looking much more fashionable.”

Hear that, Matt? More fashionable. They go on to say that loose-fit casual “tees” have been worn by such trendsetters as Nicole Richie and Alessandra Ambrosio. Add Matt Cutts to that list.

Similarly, Grazia Magazine cites influential French designer Isabel Marant’s recent activity as proof that tie-dye is cool.

Style In View’s Amy Lavelle is quick to contextualise Cutts’ progress:

“The tie-dye T-shirt shows what a pop of colour and a daring print can do: it completely revitalises Cutts’ complexion and makes you sit up and pay attention. Not only is he devastatingly ahead of the curve with an orange t-shirt (the colour of AW13 when it comes to men’s fashion) but tie-die is big news for the summer. He’s demonstrating perfectly that you can take the smallest influences from the catwalks, without overhauling your entire wardrobe every six months, and immediately make a huge difference on how you look and how people perceive you.”

There is no denying that Matt Cutts’ daring step into the world of contemporary fashion was as unexpected as it was remarkable. It also proves beyond doubt that the future is bright, the future is orange.

Please comment and share with us your favourite Matt Cutts’ outifts – the good, the bad and the ugly…

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