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Loom’s 12th Year

Loom digital marketing agency 12 years

This week at Loom, we celebrated our 12th birthday as a digital marketing agency. Our 12th year has been one like no other, with many twists and turns. To celebrate, we’ve taken a look back on 12 things that have made us proud in our 12th year:

Project Stitch

This year we launched ‘Project Stitch’. This was a change to the fabric of Loom.  We revisited the way we organise ourselves as an agency, stripping out any hierarchy, removing job titles, and formalising our pod structure to better serve clients. We also introduced mentors, growth plans and 360 feedback. This approach to personal development enables everyone at Loom to take ownership of their careers whilst feeling supported.

Adapting to our clients needs

The pandemic has prompted change from a huge number of our clients. We’ve helped support the launch of new websites, migrate to new e-commerce platforms, launch new brands and take new products/services to market. Our team have all risen to this year’s challenges with a positive and entrepreneurial spirit. 

New Loomies

Loom has welcomed new team members with a wide range of skills. Ellen keeps us all in check with her fantastic account management skills. Romy, Jacob, Matt and Sam bring a wealth of biddable media knowledge and experience, helping take our Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising services to the next level. Chloe is a word magician, creating content which perfectly balances business needs, messaging and SEO.

New digital marketing reports

This year we moved our reporting onto Google Data Studio using feeds from Funnel. This means we now provide clients with bespoke interactive dashboards reporting on their KPIs. This new way of reporting also gives us more time to analyse performance and be strategic with accounts. 

Client Successes

We’ve had a busy year steering clients through unpredictable times, with so many of our clients emerging from the pandemic stronger than ever. Some clients have more than doubled their revenue YoY, far exceeding any targets that were originally set. For other clients, we’ve had to work harder for success, helping them  pivot to fit the changing times.

New Clients

Over the past year we’ve started to work with a host of new exciting clients  from a wide range of industries. This includes an artisan honey producer, several SAAS businesses, bike repair and servicing, craft websites and even an art gallery. 

Retention Rate

Our retention rate is something that we continue to be proud of. Once onboard, our clients tend to stick around. We have clients we’ve been working with for 12 years. In 2020, our retention rate was 88%, and in 2021 so far it’s been 96%, having said goodbye to just two clients. We pride ourselves on being a long-term partner, supporting businesses wherever their journey takes them. 

Work/Life Balance

We’ve always championed a good work-life balance, and this year we’ve taken more steps to achieve an even better one. We’ve extended our flexi-time hours, and are slowly returning to the office, based on as and when the individual feels comfortable. For the third year this summer, we will be closing the office at lunchtime on Fridays, so the team can enjoy a longer weekend whilst the sun is shining. 

1 Marriage and 2 Babies 

We temporarily said goodbye to two long-term team members – Vicky & Claire – who had their lovely babies early on in 2021. We’re looking forward to welcoming them back towards the end of the year. We also most recently celebrated Tom marrying his long-term partner, and wish them well on this stage of life.


We’ve celebrated multiple awards for Loom, our partners and clients.  The most recent one being SuppleStudio, who took home “Gold” at the Transform Awards, for the visual identity work they did for our brand.

West of England Combined Authority (WECA) 

This last year we’ve had the  support of WECA through an advisory board, to help assist and guide us with our next stage of growth. The programme has given us access to business leaders and entrepreneurs across the Bristol region, and has been a marvellous support network. A huge thank you to WECA and our assigned board members – you know who you are!

Surviving a Pandemic

Last but not least, we are proud of how everyone involved in Loom pulled together to get through what was a challenging year for all businesses. We have emerged from the pandemic as a closer team with stronger client relationships, and with a huge appetite to make Loom bigger and better. 

Our 13th year promises to be an exciting one as we continue on our growth journey. Watch this space!

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