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Get your video seen by the right people at the right time. From video SEO to social media marketing and YouTube ads, our video marketing experts can make sure your video reaches its potential.

Video and Display

Market your video online

At Loom, we understand how important video is when it comes to sales and conversions. It’s a vital digital touchpoint, and our digital marketing experts are well trained when it comes to making sure your video delivers for your business.

Creating video content can be expensive and time consuming. That’s why getting results from the investment is crucial. 

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Video marketing agency

Knowing how to get your video content seen by the right audience on the right platform is key to getting your video to deliver results.

Our expert video marketing team can help you:

  • Create video briefs to share with your video production agency to make sure your video effectively communicates your marketing message. We also advise on video lengths and formats to ensure the video is fit for marketing online
  • Optimise your videos and YouTube channel for search engines
  • Promote your videos on social media – both for marketing and advertising
  • Run PPC and Biddable media campaigns to promote your videos to your target audience

Online video promotion 

At Loom, we use our suite of channels to show your video content to the right people, at the right place, at the right time. These include:

  • Organic/SEOby optimising your videos for Google and YouTube searches, we make sure your video appears for related searches
  •  Paid adsVideo ads can be displayed on YouTube before or during other video content to specific audiences such as remarketing audiences, Google’s Customer Match or In-market audiences.
  •  Social Media – Video ads and clips can be used as part of social media marketing and advertising campaigns across a variety of social network sites.

Using a mix of the above channels, we come up with a bespoke video marketing strategy to help get your video in front of your audience who are likely to be compelled to take action.

We also track how your video performs in relation to plays, website clicks, sign-ups, and sales, giving you an accurate idea of the return on investment.

Loom, your video marketing agency

Loom, our team of highly trained video marketers know how to get the best out of your video content. We’re passionate about making your content work as hard as possible to achieve your goals. 

We’ve run successful marketing for explainer videos, brand awareness videos, videos to promote content, videos to push users down the conversion funnel and more. 

Whether you’re starting to think about video content or you already have video content to use, we’ll help you to maximise its impact and return on investment. 

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