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10 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Outsourcing digital marketing

Are you reassessing your marketing plan? Are you wondering how your in-house marketing shapes up against outsourcing to a specialist agency?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of keeping your digital marketing in-house vs outsourcing it, and it really does depend on what route is best suited to your company.

Here are 10 benefits to outsourcing your digital marketing:

1. Creative Brains

Digital marketing agencies are packed full of them, making them a surefire way of refreshing your marketing and giving it a genuine boost. Idea generation and fresh perspective can be one of the first things to suffer with in-house marketing teams. The creative backgrounds of an agency team and their ability to brainstorm ensures original ideas never dry-up.

An agency will most likely have contacts within other creative sectors too. This is useful for additional services you may need on an ad-hoc basis to further enhance your marketing. It’ll be straightforward for a digital marketing agency to refer you to a graphic designer or web developer for example that they know will deliver excellent work.

2. Talent

This is what agencies are built on, so by choosing to work with one you can guarantee that their skill set will be extensive and they’ll have a wide-range of relevant experience, especially when it comes to transforming different types of business online.

3. Education:

Agencies should be seen as an extension of your internal team rather than a standalone entity. They can bring the added benefit of education by adding to the skill set of your internal teams and teaching them valuable new skills by exposing them to new and unfamiliar areas. Agencies of a high standard are experts at collaborating with your in-house team and teaching them simultaneously. Not only does this benefit your team’s personal growth, it also might mean, that at some point in the future, your in-house team will have the knowledge to do some of the aspects of the digital strategy themselves, saving you money in the long run.

Good digital agencies will work in a transparent way and will advise what the strategy is, what they’re doing and the reasons for this in language that isn’t full of industry jargon. By really working closely with you and your team, an agency will be able to unlock new areas for growth and spot opportunities that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.

4. Enrich your brand:

Agencies are the masters at enriching your brand, nurturing the relationship between you and your audience in a granular and productive way. Your audience may be part of several different communities and an agency will help you target, engage and create trust with these groups. In turn this will build closer relationships, develop trust and lead to future sales.

5. Multi-Industry Experience:

This is a subtle benefit that an agency can bring to your marketing strategy. Previous experience with different, as well as similar, brands gives an external agency a rich experiential knowledge to draw on. With their experience in the sector or industry, an agency could challenge in-house thinking and bring a new, objective point of view.

6. Convenience:

Once you have the outsourcing sussed, you can enjoy the convenience and the rewards it brings. You won’t need to worry about hiring an entire team yourself, as an agency brings a ready-made team with them. You’ll find yourself saving time too, as you won’t need to be as hands on as you might be with an in-house team. An agency will be removed from any internal bureaucracy or politics, enabling specialist knowledge to be applied on projects that are efficient and productive.

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7. Expertise

The best digital agency will have the marketing tools and know-how, so that your business marketing avoids becoming reactive to changing trends or industry conditions. This expertise ensures a proactive approach is followed using specialist, up-to-date knowledge.

8. Economical

Brilliant, you might be thinking, but what about the cost of all this talent and convenience? Digital marketing agency costs may be more economical than you think. An agency will only charge for the time it takes them to complete a task, so you will be able to account for every penny; something you may not be able to do in-house. Agencies have access to expensive marketing tools, which you may not be able to justify purchasing. Most digital agencies will also offer a flexible payment and service package, so you can use them as much or as little depending on your changing needs. A huge saving compared to hiring someone, or several people, in a full time role.

9.  Multidisciplinary:

Outsourcing your marketing to a digital agency ensures you have access to a multidisciplinary pool of talent. An agency (such as Loom!) will provide joined up, strategic thinking and the tools to help you get the most out of your marketing.

10.  Your Success:

Loom brings together a team that is vastly experienced in a number of different areas of digital marketing. Guided by strategic thinking and utilising everything from Social Media Management to Content Marketing, Google Ads to SEO , we help transform your business online and achieve the success you deserve. If you want to find out more about digital marketing and working with Loom then call us today on 0117 923 2021 or drop us an email.

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