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At Loom, we believe natural and high quality backlinks still matter. Our considered approach earns backlinks naturally and safely, getting you higher rankings without the risk.

The importance of website backlinks

The number and quality of links that point to your site play an important role in how well your site ranks organically. Backlinks are an SEO ranking factor as well as one of the ways that relevant users can discover your website and content. High-quality, contextual backlinks can give you a huge advantage whereas lots of low-quality links can cause harm to your site.  

Without external links pointing to relevant pages on your side, you’ll find it harder to rank for certain competitive terms. 

At Loom, Backlinks form part of our joined-up SEO service. We don’t buy links, and we never put your website at risk. Our approach is a conscientious one, and we always work according to Google’s webmaster guidelines.

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Backlinking strategy for SEO

At Loom, we have a multi-pronged approach to building links that differs from business to business. 

In general, our link building tactics include:

  • Earning links through optimised high-quality content – We create the kind of user-focused content that encourages users to share and link to it. By creating the best possible content, you can attract links naturally without paying for them. We use social channels strategically to get this content in front of the right people, increasing the chances of shares and backlinks. 
  • Leveraging real-world relationships – We advise and support clients around building genuine relationships with people that can amplify and share your content. This opens up opportunities to collaborate on unique content, host content on third party sites, and plan campaigns that can attract links. This includes an understanding of Online PR and the benefits it can bring.  
  • Piggybacking on your other marketing activities to get links – Marketing activities such as running or sponsoring events, or taking advertising with a magazine, for example, can open doors to building new links. 

Backlink Audit & Penalties

If you’ve carried out black hat link building in the past and have ended up with a penalised site, don’t panic. Our SEO experts can help you.

We understand the impact losing your SEO rankings can have on a business, and we work quickly and methodically to help rectify the situation. 

Even if you haven’t received a penalty, we still audit backlinks to understand your backlink profile and assess the risk your website faces.

Loom – helping you earn links naturally and safely

At Loom, our multidisciplinary digital marketing team gives you access to SEO knowledge alongside content marketing & PR expertise.

This makes us perfectly placed to help you achieve the backlinks you’re looking for. Get in touch with our expert team and find out how we can help you.

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    • PPC and Biddable Media service icon PPC & Biddable Send direct qualified traffic to your website.
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