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Introducing Marco Morelli: Loom’s newest SEO expert

Marco Morelli - SEO expert

Marco is passionate about SEO. Whether it’s local, international, e-commerce, technical, or working in a niche industry, he always looks for ways to create a tailored strategy that is a win-win for his clients, meeting their needs and their goals.

After earning a journalism degree in Italy (where he is from), he became an account manager for an international company before moving to England to learn English and kick start his professional career. He then began working in digital marketing, starting with the marketing department of an American company. Marco then explored native advertising and all facets of marketing, managing the services of B2B and B2C clients in different languages. He has experience in PPC, social media, PR, content creation and SEO – his passion.

Marco wanted to strengthen his knowledge by studying, obtaining two masters degrees in digital marketing and SEO.

He’s convinced that teamwork and an integrated marketing strategy builds solid and lasting foundations for the success of clients. He believes that SEO is in some ways an untapped resource with enormous potential, and together with the talented team at Loom, wants to help clients see the endless possibilities of growth that SEO can offer.

Outside of work, Marco enjoys outdoor sports and keeping active. He loves watching and playing football, hanging out with friends, cooking and having a good sip of wine, hiking and trekking. He also enjoys taking part in language exchanges to meet new people and learn new languages (he’s currently learning French!).

I am super happy to be working at Loom. From the first interview I immediately felt not only great professionalism and passion, but a great humanity towards their clients and staff. I’m looking forward to helping my team and our clients succeed

Marco Morelli

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